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ProMark Offroad Blog

ATV Tire Chains Will get You Out of Any Mess You Can Find

Whether you are a weekend warrior searching for adventure or you use ATV’s for work, nothing is more annoying than getting into slippery conditions you can’t get out of and not having the right equipment on hand.

Tire chains for your ATV can help you go further to reach destinations that seemed impossible before.  There’s no point in waiting for someone to come along and tow you out of a ditch because you slipped on ice.

Save yourself the embarrassment.

By using tire chains you will slip less often and be able to drive along terrain that you can’t drive on with rubber tires alone.  They are inexpensive and easy to use on any make or model ATV.  Make sure you buy the right size for your machine because the wrong size will either slip off or will not go over the tire completely.

If you use your ATV for work, it is crucial that you own a set of tire chains because a day spent trying to get your ATV cleared from an accident is a day spent away from work and not earning any income.

ATV’s are fun and useful machines when used for either recreation or business.  It is simply smart to carry a set of tire chains in case of an emergency.  If you spend a lot of time on your ATV, a set of tire chains are definitely worth the modest investment.

Get the most out of your ATV by being able to travel all over while at the same time staying safe and free from accidents.

Winch Accessories for Winter Off Roading

Once you have chosen the winch that is right for you and you have properly installed it, you will want to turn your thoughts towards winch accessories. The winch is a handy, off-road addition to your vehicle especially if you will be spending time off road during the winter. The winter months provide some great opportunity for fun outdoor activity, but without the right tools and accessories, winter off-roading can actually be dangerous. There are a few items that will increase your enjoyment and ease of using your winch this winter as well has help keep you safe in the snow and ice.
Synthetic winch ropes are an important addition to your off roading tool box. Ropes have a great little tendency to just disappear or get misplaced. This is why it is important to have a good stock of winch ropes so that you do not get caught in a bad situation. Ropes and rope accessories come in a lot of different amounts and lengths. Our synthetic winch rope kits will help you make sure you have all of your winch rope needs met before you head out.
Winch Control Kits
There are a few different ways to activate and control your winch once it has been installed. One of the easiest ways to operate your new winch is with one of Pro Mark’s remote winch control kits. These kits allow you the ability to control your winch via remote up to 75’ away. Most of these remote kits include a wireless keychain remote that can go anywhere you can go. This is a winch accessory that not only makes off roading more convenient, but could in the case of an injury; also add to your chances of getting yourself out of a bad situation.
Winching Tools
Winching tools are really a must if you plan to spend a good deal of time off roading this winter. Having the right tools at the right time can mean the difference between an awesome day off road, or getting stranded in the snow in the middle of winter. Pro Mark offers several complete winching tool kits that will include everything you need to keep your winch working properly. Many of these kits also include tree straps and snatch blocks which will complete your necessary winch accessories.
Winch Covers
Winch covers are a nice addition because a good quality Neoprene cover will protect your newly installed winch from damaging rain, debris or moisture from snow and ice. These are all hazards when off roading in the winter. Keeping the winch protected and clean will ensure its functionality for many seasons to come.
Winch Maintenance
Depending on your specific needs, Pro Mark offers several other products which will help keep your winch running smoothly and ensure that your off roading experiences this winter are both enjoyable and safe. Contactors, fairleads and line stoppers can all be purchased at Pro Mark. Our fast delivery and excellent customer service will have you off road before you know it, enjoying all that these icy winter months have to offer.

How to Shop for Waterproof ATV Covers

Waterproof ATV covers are essential for keeping your all-terrain vehicle safe from the harsh elements. Leaving your ATV unprotected from bad weather will likely lead to cosmetic and mechanical damage prematurely. It can also decrease the value since buyers are more likely to be attracted to ATVs that have been covered when not in use. The ATV cover you select should be waterproof in order to keep any moisture from seeping into the electrical components of the vehicle.

Use of the Waterproof ATV Cover

Your first consideration will be how you plan to use the waterproof ATV cover. If your ATV is kept in a shed or garage, you may not need a heavyweight cover. Instead, an ATV cover constructed from nylon can be utilized since the cover will not be consistently exposed to extreme heat or heavy rain. If you need your quad protected from rain, a vinyl cover is a more appropriate choice. Also, manufacturers have released lines of ATV covers specially treated to protect against moisture. For instance, the DuraShield Universal ATV Cover is constructed from heavy-duty poly with a Water-Tec coating to repel water from the surface of the material. Although it’s important for an ATV cover to be water-resistant, it should also have a ventilating system in place. Proper ventilation ensures moisture does not build up while the quad is covered and causes any long-term damage.

Sizing Waterproof ATV Covers

You need to cross-reference your ATV model with the waterproof cover you decide on. Many manufacturers release universal fit covers to accommodate as many of their customers as possible. However, you must still measure your ATV prior to purchase to confirm if the cover will fit your quad properly or not. Keep in mind that even if the manufacturer lists your ATV as a supported model, any extra accessories you’ve added or modifications made to the vehicle could affect the fit. For instance, an ATV windshield may force you to order a larger size cover than suggested by the manufacturer. A snug fit will optimize protection. ATV covers with elastic sewn into the hem can help keep the cover secured on the all terrain vehicle.

Waterproof ATV covers are an inexpensive way to increase the longevity of your quad. A durable cover that fits properly will likely last the lifetime of your vehicle.

The Best Jeep Accessories: Increase Safety, Utility + Fun


Jeep owners should understand the importance of having certain Jeep accessories for recovering their jeep when offroading, storing their jeep when not in use or just general care of the automobile. Owning a jeep comes with it’s own set of responsibilities, but for a smart jeep owner, you’ll never run out of things to do – and accessories are the best way to make any adventure fun and safe. Here are the most valuable jeep accessories that are must haves for 2015.

There are certain places, whether on the road or off, where you need a front bull bar for your jeep. Whether you live in a city and have to parallel park often (or if you’re worried about other’s parallel parking skills), or if you like to take the Jeep for weekend offroading adventures, the bull bar comes in use in many ways. With a Jeep bull bar, you can avoid unwanted damage to your car such as unsightly body damages and the costs you’ll undoubtedly incur. Also, if you’re going to be doing a lot of towing from the front end of your Jeep, you’ll rest easy knowing that your bumper will have protection against the items you’re towing.

Every Jeep driver should have a supply pack that will improve their safety, storage and utility of the vehicle. The ProMark OffRoad Trail Pack for Jeeps attaches anywhere to your Jeep for added storage. Now you can bring along things you couldn’t fit before, extra camping items, first aid materials, pet food, or even valuables. A combined 54? allow you to keep whatever you may need from staying behind. Waterproof and with a zipper lock, the Trail Pack will let you continue down the trail without stopping for roadblocks.

The exhaust system in a Jeep determines how well the truck performs on the road. A valuable accessory to own is a Jeep exhaust system that has high quality air filters. An even better and more valuable accessory is an engine chip. When an engine chip is installed the performance of the Jeep is enhanced. It allows any truck owner to customize their driving experience as much as possible by maximizing horsepower and minimizing fuel use.

A Jeep cover is a great accessory for every Jeep owner. It covers the entire SUV to keep the engine, body and paint job protected from the elements. Jeep owners can choose one with a soft top or one with a hard top, depending on their needs. A cargo net is also a valuable accessory for Jeep drivers who transport items frequently. The adjustable perimeter strap that a cargo net comes with ensures that it will the roof of any Jeep – the netting is also flexible enough to cover objects of almost any size.

jeep winch accessories

Awesome build by the guys at River Raiders

Though it may seem obvious, having floor mats and seat covers can make a world of difference especially for those who drive their Jeep frequently. The material used to make Jeep floor mats makes it easy to clean things off the mat such as mud, dirt, sand and more. Jeep drivers still have easy access to their floor controls and don’t have to spend as much time cleaning their truck’s interior. Jeep seat covers are also effective in not only cutting down on the amount of cleaning necessary but making the seats more comfortable for the driver and any passengers they may have. Some Jeep seat covers are even heated, making wintertime driving much more comfortable and desirable.

Finally, the most important accessory you can get for you Jeep is a winch. Jeep winches will help you out of any sticky situation you and your automobile find yourself in. If you’re a big offroader, then you’ll undoubtedly know the value of a high-quality, well-built Jeep winch. Jeep winches are useful in towing others – and yourself – out of any sort of mud and muck.

These are just a few of the accessories that every smart Jeep owner understands the value of owning. Each of these accessories are designed to help maintain Jeeps, keep them safer and help them last longer. They help truck owners get the most out of the experience of owning a vehicle that makes life easier.

Holiday gift guide 2014


Need some help finding the right gift for the ATV offroader in your life? This 2014 holiday gift guide from ProMark Offroad will help you get your shopping started right. It may be confusing buying an ATV/UTV accessory or device when you don’t know much about the machine or hobby. Don’t fret! The Promark Holiday Gift Guide for 2014 will have the husband or son in your life saying, “Gee-whiz, (insert your name)! How did you know where to get this awesome ATV gift and how did you know I would love it?!”


Keep Your ATV Rider Safe With Gifts From ProMark

And the fun doesn’t stop there – your ATV/UTV gift ships right to your door for free (lower 48 states)! No need to feel desperate and stressed fighting the holiday shopping crowds and dealing with insincere salesmen. So, if you’re ready to find that perfect gift for the ATV enthusiast in your life, scroll down to view the ultimate ProMark Offroad Gift Guide 2014 to make any ATV rider in your life happy!

Electric Winch (ATV winch or Recovery winch)

ATV winches are used when the rider gets their vehicle stuck or want to haul something heavy. The winch is a simple tool, containing a casing and steel wire with a hook attached to it. The user just presses a button on their winch or handlebars to detract the cable. The cable is then wrapped around an object, such as a tree. The user then pushes that same button to engage the winch and draw the cable back into the casing, moving either the ATV out of it’s stuck position (such as in a deep creek or in mud), or moves the object it’s connected to (such as a downed tree, recently killed deer).Get out fast with an electric offroad winch from ProMark Offroad. Each winch comes with cable (steel or synthetic), winch controls, and an accessory kit to get you started. Mounting plates sold separately.

ATV Winches That Will Make Any Rider Happy!

This ATV winch is one of the top selling winches we carry, and for great reason. It’s a compact, quiet and all-purpose winch, great for versitile winching and hauling. If the ATV rider in your life needs a smaller yet durable tool for working, hunting or just recreation, the Superwinch LT3000 offers the brand name functionality and reliability that you expect. Carry or haul up to 3,000 lbs with this high-performing and trustworthy winch.

This winch has all the ruggedness the ATVer in your life could ask for! There are no bells and whistles with this tool, just pure work ethic and handiness. Pull almost any load with the ProMark 3,000 lb. Utility Winch, thanks to the aircraft-grade steel that the cable is made from. Also, gain peace of mind while the ATV rider winches from a distance with the easy-to-use remote controller.

ATV Snow Plo

This may be one of the greatest inventions for ATV-riding husbands everywhere – an ATV snow plow kit means no more back-breaking shoveling! With an ATV snow plow, you’ll have a clear driveway in no time. Many snow plow ATV kits can be confusing, but with ProMark, rest assured that the quick connect features available on most of our ATV plows will decrease installation time and let you get our of your garage in an instant. When the snow melts and it’s time to remove your ATV snow plow, it’s a breeze to simply remove the blade and you’ll be hitting the trails once again.

Dig Out of the Snow with this ATV Snow Plow!

The ATV rider in your life won’t be the only one thanking you this holiday season when you get them a Koplin Cycle Country Drifter ATV Snow Plow Kit – you’ll be thanking yourself. Now, instead of waiting around for your husband or son to shovel, get them this handy snow plow, and you’ll be out of your driveway and back to your life in no time. Don’t be hindered by snow every time it hits; this ATV snow plow fits almost any ATV newer than 2001, and comes with the type of features men love – 5 position blade adjustments, dual trip springs, height adjustable skids and huge, 52? blades.

ATV / UTV Covers

This one may not be the sexiest of presents for your holiday celebration, but keep in mind – nothing beats the utility of a reliable ATV cover. To keep your ATV rider’s machine looking and working great, there is no substitute for an ATV cover. Make sure your husband or son protects the investment (that you most likely disagreed with in the first place) from going awry by maintaining the ATV’s paint job and engine parts for much longer. An ATV / UTV cover will keep all the nasty dirt and rain off of your ride, while a trailerable cover provides protection during trailering the ATV. If trailering is a possiblity, then ProMark has many great options for you to check out.

Great ATV/UTV Covers for the Seasonal Enthusiast in Your Life!

  • QuadBoss ATV Cover

For the hunter or ATV accessory nut in your life, there may be no better gift this holiday season than a camo or black ATV cover from QuadBoss. This ATV/UTV cover is built extra large for the manliest of ATVs, and even includes a handy storage bag sewn right into it to help keep your garage or basement free from clutter. If the ATV you’re buying for has a lot of accessories such as racks, flood lights, drop baskets or other attachments, this cover is your best option.

  • Classic Accessories ATV Storage Cover
The ATV Storage Cover by Classic Accessories is great for those that might store their ATV indoors or outdoors. This heavy duty cover will provide protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun, featuring exclusive UV resistant ProtekX technology. If you’re looking for a versatile cover that will fit many sizes of ATV, this cover comes with an elastic band to ensure that your entire ATV is protected from whatever may be potentially harmful in storage.

Synthetic Rope

Did you know that most off-road competitions require participants to use synthetic rope for safety reasons? If you’re buying an offroad gift for a competitive ATV rider and considering buying them a winch rope – either with a winch kit or on it’s own – synthetic ATV rope is the way to go. If you’re buying a winch kit, pay attention to whether it comes with synthetic rope or steel cable. Synthetic line has a few more benefits in comparison to wire rope, in that it’s lightweight, easy on the hands, and floats in water, whereas steel cable has the tendency to rust in winter and snap back at the operator when it breaks under pressure. These are just a few of the advantages synthetic rope has over wire rope.

The Right Rope for Any ATV Rider!

Make sure the ATV rider in your life stays safe on their offroad adventure with the ProMark 5,000 lb, 40? Synthetic Rope. This rope is 12-strand braided cable, utilizing high molecular weight polyethylene (really fancy) fiber, making it 15 times as strong as your standard steel cable. The great thing about this rope, is that even if the ATV winch rope happens to snap, there is no recoil which is a major safety bonus. And, although it’s rated at 5,000 lbs. the Average Pull Strength of this synthetic rope is up to 9,400 lbs – making this one of the top ropes in the industry!

The ProMark Recovery Winch with Synthetic Rollers is designed for self-recovery winches running synthetic rope. Our roller fairlead is constructed with durable nylon rollers assembled in a rigid steel frame. Unlike traditional hawse and metal roller fairleads, this synthetic roller fairlead will not fray, tangle or rip synthetic winch ropes. Make sure your holiday gift lasts – this winch roller is designed to last for years!

Wireless Remote Kit

Wireless is the way of the future for consumer electronics, Internet, and health monitoring – so why not make your ATV winch wireless as well?  Make sure your boys are being safe out there on the trails with a wireless winch remote kit for the the holidays. These ATV accessories make your winch easier and safer with a wireless control upgrade that lets you control the winch from further away. Now, if the winch happens to be installed wrong and it malfunctions, your rider is safe from whatever they may be hauling at distances of up to 100 feet. With easy-to-install instructions, your wireless remote kit makes ATVing safer than ever and gives you the gift of peace of mind for the long haul

Wireless Remote Kit – A Gift for the Serious ATV rider!

With the ProMark Universal ATV Winch Wireless Remote Kit, works seamlessly with many standard ATV winches. A wireless remote for the ATV rider in your life will give you the most peace of mind from most of the gifts on this list. Your rider is protect from up to 75? with this handy ATV remote control kit. Now, your husband, son or daughter can haul and tow from a distance in case their winching line breaks or their haul happens to tumble onto the ATV.

Recovery Accessory Kit

If you’re really serious about keeping the ATV offroader in your life safe, then consider gifting them a complete ATV recovery accessory kit. This kit includes all the recovery accessories you need for any situation faced on the trails. ATV recovery kits can include everything from tree trunk straps to anchor or tow against a tree, snatch blocks for heavy duty lifting, to rugged leather gloves to protect your hands against injury from rope burn, all included in an easy-to-carry, weatherproof bag. The recovery kit is easily and directly installed onto your ATVs front or back rack via simple attachment straps.

The ATV Winch Accessory Kit is the perfect gift if you’re unsure what the ATV rider in your life really wants – the accessory kit is a necessity for any offroader. The accessory kit includes tree straps, clevis/D shackles and of course a snatch block for heavy duty lifting. Also, your hands will thank you when you wear the bonus leather gloves! The entire kit comes into a handy, weatherproof case that straps and clasps directly onto your ATV/UTV.

ATV Tire Chains

This holiday, give the gift of more traction for the ATV rider in your life with ATV/UTV tire chains. I bet you didn’t know that tire chains increase traction on snow by up to 400%. That’s a huge increase for the snow-loving (or snow-hating) offroader. ATV tire chains aren’t just great for riding down ice-covered rivers, snow-plastered trails, as well as plowing snow with your ATV in the winter months. Even if the region you live in only sees a foot amount of snowfall each year, it’s never fun calling up your buddy and admitting you’re stuck in the snow, needing his ATV with tire chains to get you out. Depending on the size of tire will determine whether or not you want 8 inch tire chain links or 10 inch.

Make sure the ATV tires are built to use chains, then take careful note of the three measurements on the side of your ATV tire. The first number indicates tire width, the second gives you the tire height ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width) and the third denotes the diameter of the wheel expressed in inches. Cross-reference this information with the information given by the company that you are buying from to determine the size of chain link appropriate for your ATV tires.

Give the Gift of Offroading This Holiday!

Whether you have an ATV rider in your life that races competitively, uses his vehicle around the farm or ranch, or just enjoys taking the ATV out on exciting offroad excursions, ProMark has the perfect gifts this year! Be the star of Christmas morning this year with gear from the leading supplier of ATV/UTV products.

ATV Accessories for Winter


Chances are that if you have an ATV or UTV in an area with snowy or icy winters, you’ve already weighed the benefits of all manner of cold-weather accessories. ProMark OffRoad has a wide selection of quality winter accessories for ATVs/UTVs, Jeeps, and trucks, so you can be ready for whatever winter throws at you.

Tire Chains Ensure a No-Slip Grip

The right set of tire chains can make all the difference in a snowy, icy, or unstable terrain. Good traction means a lot and good tire chains are a must-have for any ATV owner. ProMark OffRoad offers quality tire chains ranging from eight to ten inches. While chains can be difficult on certain terrain, and can even bust an axle if you manage to get a chain link caught, they’re an absolute necessity in rough weather. Even if you’re living in an area of the country which hardly gets any snow or ice during the winter months, good tire chains can increase traction by up to 400 percent so no matter what the terrain, you’ll be ready for it.

Don’t Let Snow Stick You Out in The Cold

It’s no secret that a good winch can get you out of a tough situation. Winches are powerful tools but you have to have the right accessories for the job to make the most of one. ProMark OffRoad has great accessory kits for ATV/UTV, Jeep, and truck owners, containing everything from heavy gloves and tree straps to snach blocks, all in a convenient, self-contained bag. Additional wench accessories include replacement fairleads, synthetic winch rope, and wireless remote kits.


Use your ATV or UTV to plow snow with these accessories

Carve Your Own Trail This Winter

Due to advancements in design and installation, ProMark OffRoad offers user-friendly snow plow attachments perfect for almost any ATV or UTV owner. The addition of a quick connect feature makes it easy to attach the blade for plowing in the winter and remove it for riding in the summer. The Cycle Country A.R.M. snow plow kit gives you the choice between poly blades, which are lighter and less likely to damage driveways, and traditional steel blades, which have a long history of power and proformance. Most ATVs will need at least a 50 inch blade to clear a proper path, but a UTV can handle blades up to 72 inches. Nearly every ATV/UTV owner can find the proper parts to fit their machine and their needs.

Protect Your ATV

When snow piles up, it can damage even the toughest ATV. Protect your machine with a heavy-duty mildew-resistant DuraSheild Universal Fit cover, available in grey and standrad camo colors. The cover protects your ATV/UTV from the cold, wet weather of winter with a heavy, resistant poly treated with a Water-Tec coating and features an elastic cord bottem hem for a quick, easy and proper fit. The DuraShield cover also comes with a five-year warrenty and a color-matched storage bag so you can keep your ATV safe and looking great for years to come.

How to Winterize your ATV


Live in a cold region? It’s a good idea to winterize your ATV and secure it for the cold weather months. Bypassing the coldest months of the year allows you to get the most out of your ATV investment. While simply garaging your ATV will protect it from the salt, wind and rain of winter, you need to go a few steps further to fully protect your ride. Pick up a few supplies in advance, set aside a few hours this fall, and put your favorite toys away the right way for winter.

ATV/UTV Winterizing:

ATV winterizing

  • Clean and protect: Give your vehicle a thorough washing and inspection. Allow all surfaces to dry fully, then wax and buff. Wax not only adds a great ‘like new” shine, it also helps protect your ATV body from moisture damage. Inspect and repair any body or cosmetic damage and use a conditioner on the seat if desired.
  • Add fuel stabilizer: Stabilizer will help your ATV winter over – and start up like a new ride next year. Pour gas stabilizer into your tank, and then top off with gasoline. Run the engine for a few minutes to fully integrate the stabilizer, and then turn the ATV off.
  • Change your oil: Replacing the oil in your ATV with fresh eliminates the risk of damage to your engine. Used oil is acidic, and can eat away at metal if left in place too long.
  • Choose your storage: Drive the ATV into the garage or shed you plan on storing it in. Check your tire pressure and inflate to the manufacturer’s recommended settings. Park on blocks if possible and shut off the engine and all accessories.
  • Pull the Battery: Remove the battery to prevent damage and make sure it is easy to start your ATV when warm weather arrives. If you have more than one ATV or are winterizing more than one vehicle, label the batteries for easy retrieval in the spring. Store your battery on a high shelf, out of reach of kids and pets and in a location where it won’t freeze.
  • Cover any exposed pipes or other openings with wire mesh. Mice and other small animals can make a cozy home inside just about anything; sealing off any openings prevents them from getting inside. Don’t have mesh on hand? Hardware cloth, steel wool or even tape will keep the critters away.
  • Cover your ATV with a special ATV/UTV cover to prevent dust collection and problems with debris. Lock your shed to prevent theft and make sure your ATV is secure. Label your keys and place them somewhere you’ll find them in the spring.

Winterizing your ATV will take a few hours, but will lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle considerably. If you have more than one ATV, you can winterize them assembly style to speed things up a bit. The best thing about winterizing? You’ll be all set to ride on the first sunny day next spring.

One Size Does Not Fit All: Choosing a Safety Helmet That Protects


There’s nothing like the bad-to-the-bone feeling of blazing through an open field on your all-terrain vehicle (ATV). While you’re experiencing the rush of freedom, remember to wear your helmet, your most important ATV accessory to protect your head from impacts. Helmets are available in different sizes and quality levels. Choosing the right one will improve your chance of avoiding brain trauma and staying alive if you fall.

  • Second-hand is no good. Saving a few dollars is not worth the risk of cracking your skull if you fall off your ATV, so skip the garage sell when you’re looking for protective headgear. You don’t know what type of damage a used helmet has been through. Wear and tear and impacts from accidents can compromise a helmet’s integrity and reduce the amount of protection it offers.
  • Proper fit matters. To ensure the best protection, buy a helmet that fits your head snuggly when you put it on. If the helmet is too tight, it will be uncomfortable and cause a terrible headache. If the protective device is too loose, it may fly off your head in an accident, leaving you vulnerable to life-altering head injuries.
  • DOT safety isn’t optional. The Department of Transportation (DOT) sets safety guidelines for helmets. If the helmet doesn’t have the sticker that suggests it meets DOT safety standards, don’t waste your money on it. It’s pointless to purchase something that won’t provide any real protection if you crash.
  • Don’t be a cheapskate. In the case of helmets, the old adage, “You get what you pay for” holds true. Cheaper helmets may lack reinforcement material that can offer extra protection in an accident. Don’t pluck a helmet off the shelf just because it’s cheap. Instead, make your choice based on quality.

Riding on an ATV can give you a rush like nobody’s business. To keep your thrill-rides from turning into tragedy, invest in a new, DOT approved safety helmet to protect your skull from impacts.

Should an ATV Be Part of a Disaster Prep Kit?

Small All Terrain Vehicle on a beach

Should an ATV be Part of a Disaster Preparedness Package?

recent article in the Los Angeles Times related how some of the wealthier residents of the area are preparing for the next major earthquake, which could theoretically happen at any time. In addition to making plans to transform tennis courts into triage areas and setting up an independent radio system, residents of a Bel Air neighborhood have slowly stockpiled the items they may need to get by until help arrives. This includes common sense items like food, clean water and basic toiletries. In the case that no help ever does come to them, the community has added an ATV to the stockpile for use after a disaster.

Inexperienced ATV Drivers Can Compound Issues

A 1500lb winch is a good size for emergencies.

A 1500lb winch is a good size for emergencies.

It’s true that in the wake of a disaster that leaves roadways damaged an

d power lines down, an ATV or UTV winches are a valuable tool for families to get to supplies or even to shelter. That being said, there is an inherent danger in people who have little experience operating this type of vehicle hopping on one and trying to navigate dangerous conditions. As any ATV rider or enthusiast knows, an overzealous beginner can get themselves severely hurt or even killed.

There is also the risk that having an all-terrain vehicle will create more demand for certain resources. For example, if a wealthier community has an ATV and someone uses it to drive around and get the supplies they need, he or she will eventually run out of gas. This adds to the demand for gas, which is typically already high in the days following a natural disaster. Any accident or damage done by the ATV can create a need for police and emergency medical personnel, who will surely already be swamped with injuries after a disaster.Does an ATV Help or Hinder After a Disaster?

There are certainly advantages to having an ATV post-disaster, but as always, responsible ownership and use are crucial.

Essential Offroad Accessories for ATVs and Jeeps


Adventure enthusiasts gravitate to offroading for the thrill and excitement around every corner. Jeeps and ATVs are two of the most popular offroad vehicles, serving a distinctive purpose depending on terrain or needs. ATVs are great for thrill rides, mudding, and adventures where a Jeep just cannot traverse. Jeeps offer more control and sense of conquering grounds, more adequate for longer trips and demanding scenarios. Like most adventure activities there is a lot of gear involved, and offroading is not exception – there are many offroad accessories for Jeeps and ATVs. Let’s take a closer look:

Jeep Accessories

1. ProMark 8000 lb Midnight Series Electric Recovery Winch Synthetic Package – Any serious offroader will tell you that a winch is a must of accessory. The ProMark lines are known for the solid rugged and durable manufacturing, offering a solid product that performs under even the harshest of conditions. These winches are perfecting designed to adapt to most Jeep models and worth their weight in gold when a situation arises in which using a winch is the only answer.

winch-in-a-bag-2000 2.PolyPro 3 Jeep Cover – Offroading occurs under a diverse set of weather conditions. For those longer trips and exposure to the elements, this Jeep cover is a must have. It is made of heavy duty fabric to protect your vehicle from damage – both short term or prolonged exposure.

 ATV Accessories


A winch is perfect to rescue your ATV stuck in the snow

1. ProMark 2500 lb XTR Series ATV Winch Synthetic Rope Package – This winch is strategically designed to offer serious offroading assistance when truly needed most. The ATV winch is packed with power and can perform in almost in condition – it is built with the strongest all metal gear parts as well as a waterproof motor. This model is a awesome accessory for any ATV. 2. Cycle Country V-Bar ATV Tire Chains 9? – These tire chains transform an ATV into a monster vehicle that can shine in all environments. Ice and snow are no challenge with a set of these tire chains, depending on the conditions a set of tire chains is the difference between stop and go. Whatever your desire to push your ATV or Jeep to the next level, chances are there’s an accessory for that purpose. We mentioned only a few essential ones, but visit the ProMark website for a full list of gear.