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ATV Plow Wear Bar and Skids

Skids and Double-Sided Wear Bar for Cycle Country ATV Plow

Skids and Double-Sided Wear Bar
for Cycle Country ATV Plow

Skids and wear bars are designed to make your ATV plow last longer. Scraping across hard driveway surfaces is hard on the plow blade. The wear bar and skids take the brunt of this abuse so that the plow blade will last longer.

ATV Plow Wear Bars

Since the wear bar needs to be replaced as it wears out, it’s better to go with a double-sided wear bar. These types of wear bars are designed to be flipped over, so they last twice as long as a standard wear bar.

There are 2 types of ATV plow wear bars: steel and plastic. Steel wear bars are tougher than plastic, but they can also be tough on driveway surfaces. Plastic wear bars are easier on driveway surfaces and pavers.

ATV Plow Skids

Plow skids increase the life of the wear bar and minimize damage caused by the plow blade scraping the driveway surface. They also help when plowing uneven, rocky surfaces, by lifting the edge of the plow blade just enough to keep it from digging into the gravel or rock.

For level surfaces, adjust the plow skids to the same height as the wear bar on the plow blade. For uneven surfaces, adjust the skids so that the edge of the wear bar will glide just above the rocky surface.

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