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Snatch Blocks for Winches

Snatch block rated up to 20,000 pounds

Snatch block rated up to 20,000 pounds

What is a snatch block good for?

  1. It gives you more pulling power.
  2. It takes a load off of your winch.
  3. It gives you more options for rigging up (double line pull, straighten an off-kilter pull, etc.).

Winch snatch blocks are designed to operate safely under heavy loads. They are made to handle different strengths. Higher rated snatch blocks are made from stronger, thicker materials.

What size snatch block do I need?

If you plan to pull up to twice the capacity of your winch with a double line pull, make sure the snatch block is rated up to double the maximum load your winch can handle. If you only use the snatch block to straighten a pull, you can get by with a lower rating.

Generally an 8000 pound snatch block is strong enough for a double line pull with any ATV or UTV winch. For Jeep and truck winches, double the capacity of the winch to find the recovery snatch block rating (16K, 20K, and larger).

How big are they?

Like most other winching tools, snatch blocks are small enough to easily be tucked away in a corner of your vehicle (for recovery snatch blocks) or in the tool kit for your quad (for ATV/UTV snatch blocks).

Why do I need a snatch block?

A snatch block is useful for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • It increases pulling power.
  • It increases the amount of winch line spooled out.
  • It doubles the pulling power and cuts the strain on the motor in half by using a pulley system.
  • It lets you straighten out a pull.
  • It lets you double or even triple the line for hard pulls.

When rigging up a double line pull, keep in mind that it will also reduce the line speed by half and double the amount of stress placed on the mounting points.

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