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Using the Free Spool Function on a Winch

Winching Tip of the Week from ProMark Offroad


Silverback Recovery Winch with Free Spool Function

Silverback Recovery Winch with
Free Spool Function

Winching Tip of the Week: Use the free spool function to spool out cable to the anchor point. Using the free spool function reserves your battery power for the actual winching process.


Make sure the free spool clutch is always fully engaged or fully disengaged. Using the winch with the clutch in between gears can keep the winch from operating properly and cause major damage. Also, never try to disengage the clutch while the wire rope is under tension or engage the clutch while the drum is turning.

Note: Extreme cold can make the clutch harder to shift. Don’t force the clutch. If the clutch is in the disengaged position and won’t engage easily, pull out some cable and then try again. If the clutch is in the engaged position and won’t disengage easily, tap the power out button on the winch remote before trying it again.

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