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3500 lb Outback Winch Refuses to Break | ATV Winch Review

The Winch: 3500 Outback ATV / UTV Winch from ProMark Offroad
The Assignment: Put it through the ringer

What happens when you put the ProMark 3500 lb Outback winch to the test, where other winches have failed? Adam Harvey knows. In his own words: “I can tell you this, I give my Warn a 2 out of a possible 10. And I give this Outback Series 3500 from ProMark a 9.5 out of a 10. It is daylight and dark difference better than my Warn.” Adam relies on his winch for his job and for some pretty intense riding.

3500 lb Outback winch pulling an ATV and rig (1400+ pounds) up the hill

3500 lb Outback winch pulling an ATV
and rig (1400+ pounds) up the hill

Here are a few excerpts from Adam’s review on the High Lifter forum:


“I ended up in touch with the head guy at ProMark and asked him a few questions about their winches. I told him I needed a winch that was indestructible, was fully sealed, and had no plastic gears. I also threw in the stipulation that I needed more than a normal 50ft of rope. I built radiused spacer sleeves for my Warn that allowed me to run almost 80ft of rope and sometimes I needed every inch of it. When you are WAY out in the wilderness or in a bind and nothing is around, sometimes you gotta have more than 50ft of rope. He told me that their ProMark 3500 Outback Series winch was what I needed—indestructible, geared super low to pull anything, fully watertight, and no plastic internals, AND could fit more than 50ft of rope.

I told him to get one coming, got it in and oohh’d and ahhh’d at it. It’s built like a German tank. I put it on and have been running it since. This winch came with all sorts of goodies like a handheld remote and a handlebar rocker switch. The fully sealed solenoid has two inputs for the wired 20ft remote or the optional wireless remote. I don’t normally put my winch under water, but I do wash it religiously every day. I wash my bike at the end of every day, so the bike definitely sees it fair share of water. I recall taking my Warn apart before to do regular maintenance and had rusted gears and a case full of water. As far as I can tell after a month and a half of having this ProMark, no issues from water yet.

Working off my bike like I do, and having equipment that you know is going to work and you can trust gives you an assurance that you can do whatever you set out to do. I feel certain that this winch and all the others they make will do their job. As long as you get the right winch for your application, I am sure you will have safe and happy outings. I know when I go on big rides and you come to a mudhole and there is one guy buried up to his racks in mud and 50 people standing around looking and everybody hollers out ‘who’s gotta winch’ and you look around and 80% of the bikes have a winch and 90% of them are Warn but everybody claims theirs is broken, well I too was one of those guys once and was always without a winch or was always scared it was going to break. Now I don’t have to worry about that. … For the price and the performance so far, this winch is holding up 1000 times better than my Warn.”

Read more of Adam’s winch review at the High Lifter forum, and see the Outback winch in action with these pictures and videos.

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