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Just How Bulletproof is the Outback 3500 lb Winch by ProMark?

Ask someone who knows! Adam Harvey is a proud ProMark winch owner with plenty of stories to tell. In this episode, posted on, Adam shows just how tough a ProMark winch can be. With a tree blocking the trail and no way around it, this trailblazer dug his ATV into the sand and put his Outback 3500 lb ProMark winch to work:

Winching a tree limb off the trail

Winching a tree limb off the trail
with the Outback 3500 lb winch

“You can see how each limb was snapped off the tree, and eventually after de-limbing the tree, I was able to move the trunk of the tree as well so we could proceed thru the creek. My bike pulled non-stop for over an hour, and NEVER burnt up. My battery survived, my winch survived, and the PROMARK saved the day. We were not done yet…after I got that tree out of the way we ran into another one and decided to just get out of the creek, so again I had to put the ole PROMARK to the test. I winched myself up out of the creek bank, and winched almost all of the other bikes up out of the creek. So for almost 2 straight hours, the winch never got a break except when free spooling out to hook to another limb/tree or bike.”


After describing his off road escapades in detail, Adam then goes on to brag about just how well the ProMark winch held up during the entire ordeal:

“The winch is made by PROMARK which some of you know makes the Gorilla winches. Some people have dislikes about their products from the past experiences but this winch is a new product and I can tell you it is BULLETPROOF. I put it thru its paces last night and I would recommend it to ANYONE.”

Later on in the post, Adam continues to rave about his winch:

“I have been STUPID impressed with this winch. Tom McCullough gave me this winch to test out and I told him I was rough on a winch and don’t be mad if I broke it. He told me to see if I could; he needed to know if it had any weaknesses. I can tell you I have been dumbfounded that I can’t tear this winch up. I don’t abuse my equipment by any means, I use it just how you are supposed to and take care of it, but I have gotten so used in the past to my Warn breaking every time I use it, or it not even working at all after you free-spool it. I’m 100% against Warn because I’ve had 10 and have not gotten a good one YET! This is my first ever ProMark and I can tell you I am sold for life! This 3500 Outback Series is undoubtedly the toughest thing I’ve ever used. It pulled for two hours non-stop last night. I went to lunch and ate lunch with all my friends earlier and all of them were all constantly talking about how awesome this thing pulled and worked all nite. … As long as they sell them, they’ve got a customer for life! I won’t ever buy another.”

Want more? Read the full 3500lb winch review with pictures on Or check out the specs for the Outback 3500 from ProMark.

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