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How to Install a Wireless Winch Remote for Truck and Jeep Winches

Note: The following wireless installation instructions are designed specifically for the universal wireless winch remote kit by ProMark Offroad.

Electrical Requirements

For normal winch recovery loads and conditions, your existing electrical system is adequate for the wireless upgrade. For heavy winching, consider upgrading your electrical system.

In order for the recovery winch to work at its full potential, a fully charged battery and proper connections are essential. Keep the vehicle’s engine running during the winching process to keep the battery charged.


To install your wireless winch remote, carefully follow the instructions and diagrams below for routing the electrical connections:

  1. Short red cable “B” connects to the red terminal “B” on the motor.
  2. Short black cable with the yellow boot “C” connects to the yellow terminal “C” on the motor.
  3. Short black cable with the black boot “D” connects to the black terminal “D” on the motor.
  4. Thin black wire “A” connects to the bottom terminal “A” on the motor.
  5. Long red cable connects to the vehicle battery terminal positive.

Test the setup for correct operation before using your winch on the trail or in a recovery operation. If the remote control does not operate correctly, check all wiring to ensure that connections are correct and secure. Also, check the remote battery and replace if necessary (23A battery).

Wireless Winch Remote Installation Diagram

Wireless Winch Remote Installation Diagram

Wireless Winch Remote Installation Diagram 2

Wireless Winch Remote Installation Diagram 2

Recommendations for Use

For best results with your new wireless winch remote, take note of the following recommendations:

  • Make sure your battery is kept in good working condition.
  • Make sure the battery cables are not drawn tightly across any rough or sharp edges.
  • Prevent and immediately remove any corrosion on the electrical connections. Corrosion can affect the performance of the wireless kit or cause a short.
  • Clean all connections on the battery and contactor box regularly.
  • In salty environments, use a silicone sealer to prevent corrosion.

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