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How to Install a Polaris Sportsman ATV Front Bumper

Polaris Sportsman Front Bumper

Polaris Sportsman Front Bumper

In as little as 30 minutes, you can transform your tame, factory-model Polaris Sportsman ATV into a mean-looking machine with an ATV bumper from ProMark Offroad. See the installation steps below for this quick project.


Application: Polaris Sportsman 2005-2010 400/500/600/700/800 (Not for XP)

Project: ATV Front Brush Guard Bumper with Headlight Guards

Time: 30 minutes


  1. Remove the upper retainer clips from each side of the grill assembly. Next, remove the radiator shroud bolts. (See Figure 1).
  2. Polaris Sportsman Bumper (Figure 1)

    Figure 1

  3. Attach the left support bracket to the ATV frame. Starting at the top inside corner, use one 2 3/4″ hex bolt, one flat washer, and one 1 3/4″ spacer. Do not tighten completely. (Note: The spacer will install between the support bracket and the ATV frame). Next, use two 1 1/3″ hex bolts, four washers, and two lockdown nuts on the front edge of the bracket. Repeat for the right support bracket. (See Figure 2).
  4. Polaris Sportsman Bumper (Figure 2)

    Figure 2

  5. Reinstall the front grill assembly removed in step 1.
  6. a
  7. Bolt the center bumper assembly to the left and right support brackets. Begin with the upper holes, using the front holes for 400 and 500 models or the rear holes for 600 and 700 models. Use two 1″ hex bolts and two washers to attach the bottom of the bumper assembly. Tighten all bolts installed in step 4. (See Figure 3).
  8. Polaris Sportsman Bumper (Figure 3)

    Figure 3

  9. Attach the left headlight guard to the center bumper assembly with three carriage bolts and three nylock nuts. Repeat for the right headlight guard. (See Figure 4).
  10. Polaris Sportsman Bumper (Figure 4)

    Figure 4

  11. To complete the installation, check all bolts and nuts for a tight fit.
  12. Sportsman ATV Front Brush Guard

    Completed Installation Project

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