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ProMark 3000 lb Winch Pulls Out Two ATVs at the Same Time

“I winched 2 ATV’s out of the mud at the same time!”
Customer Testimonial from Rick S. (New Port Richey, Florida)


3000 lb ProMark Winch“I bought a Gorilla [now ProMark] 3000 lb. winch for my 400 4×4 ATV. My friends have 700’s with 27″ mud tires. One of them had a winch made by a different manufacturer and it stripped the gear on the drum. I was concerned that I might be in trouble because I bought a less expensive winch.

We were mudding in a hole near my house and one of our buddies got stuck in a hole that has no bottom. Another friend went in to pull him out and he sunk too. I pulled around to get a good pulling angle on the second four wheeler and stretched out my winch cable. We had a 20 foot strap hooked to my 35 foot cable to reach him and another 20 foot strap to the first guy. Both of these four wheelers are 700’s and weigh a lot more then my 400.

I buried my four wheeler, but the winch just pulled me out of my holes. So we hooked another four wheeler to mine and buried both of them. I started winching the two bikes out (at the same time), and when they started moving I realized the power of my little winch, so I stopped and took a picture of the scene with my phone’s camera.

Fortunately, my friends have a good sense of humor. (I will send a copy of the pictures when I get a cable to download them). Then I started winching again. I was truly amazed at the power of my ProMark winch as I pulled two very large bikes, bulldozing through some thick mud at the same time. Of course, when I was done I had to rub in the fact that my cheap little winch pulled their butts out of the mud.

Yesterday we went mudding again and I spent most of the time pulling people out. When I finally went out to do some mudding myself, it was an awesome feeling to be able to get myself “unstuck” with my winch. If you haven’t bought a ProMark winch because you think that paying more is getting more, you are mistaken. I will tell you that my experience has been great!”

– Rick S.
New Port Richey, Florida

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