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Can Your ATV Winch Pull an SUV?

“I Winched My SUV!”
Customer Testimonial by Todd S.


3000 lb Waterproof Winch“When I got my 3,000lb Waterproof Winch from the guys at [now], I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve used their winches on other ATV’s before, but this was the first go at using their new waterproof line. My first experience with it only reassured me that my decision to get a Gorilla [now ProMark] was the right one.

My SUV would not start. It was in the inclined driveway and I needed to get it into the garage and out of the subzero elements. There was no way I could push the vehicle up the incline and into the garage without risking injury. So I opted to put the new winch to the test right out of the gate.

Having the ATV inside the garage already, I hooked the winch directly to the SUV (no snatch block was used) and proceeded to winch it right on in. That was impressive, but what impressed me even more is that the winch didn’t even have to work. It sounded like it was freespooling! It was quiet, efficient, and got the job without so much as one hiccup.

Since then, I’ve used the Gorilla winch many times to raise and lower my 62” steel plow when clearing the snowfalls we’ve had this winter. I also use it to draw down the front end of my ATV when I trailer it. That helps secure the ATV better for hauling, and is something I could not do by just using my body weight. I’m looking forward to the upcoming riding season here in Minnesota so that I can further prove myself (and others) why my decision to get a winch from the great guys at was the right one! I’m going to get another Gorilla winch for the rear of my ATV as well!

A huge facet of any purchase (be it an automobile, ATV, television, etc.) is the post sale support. When I’ve ever had any questions, they have not only been willing to help me out but they responded in lightning quick fashion. Partner that level of service with their superior quality and affordable price point and it makes the Gorilla winch the ONLY logical choice for me, bar none.”

– Todd S.

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