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Choosing a Snow Blade: Poly or Steel

Poly ATV snow blade

Poly ATV snow blades are quiet and easy on driveway surfaces.

When it comes to choosing a snow blade for your ATV / UTV plow, you have two basic options for the type of construction: poly or steel. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between poly and steel plows.

Poly ATV Snow Blade

Poly snow blades are fairly new to the ATV plow world, yet they have distinct advantages. For one, they are quieter than steel blades and easier on driveway surfaces. If you are plowing pavers or a decorative surface, or if you don’t want to mark up your driveway, a poly blade is your best option.

What about the argument that poly blades are not as durable as steel blades? Although this may be true of certain types of poly blades, the Cycle Country X-Force poly snow blade uses Rib-Flex technology for a blade that’s virtually indestructible. It has the same life expectancy as a steel blade.

Another advantage of the X-Force poly blade is that it’s lighter than steel plows. Unlike other poly plows that are paired with steel frames for a heavier weight than an all-steel plow, the X-Force is all plastic for a lightweight, high strength blade and frame.

Steel ATV snow blade

Steel ATV snow blades are known for their strength and durability.

Steel ATV Snow Blade

Steel snow blades have a long history of reliability in the plowing world. They are known to hold up under rough conditions and accidental abuse. Compared with most traditional poly plows (not including the X-Force by Cycle Country), steel plows are lighter in weight.

It’s also much easier to add plow wings to a steel blade than a poly blade. Plow wings increase efficiency by as much as 35 to 40 percent and cut down significantly on plowing time.

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