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ATV Plow Kit Review

Eagle ATV Plow

The Eagle Original ATV plow makes plowing in deep snow fast and easy.

We love hearing from our customers, whether it’s a suggestion for a new product, feedback on our existing products, or just to let us know how things are working out. The following comment is from one of our customers who bought an ATV plow kit. After using the kit to plow out after some heavy snowstorms, he contacted us to let us know how the plow was holding up under harsh winter conditions.

“Hello. I recently purchased an ATV plow kit from you. All too often we hear nothing but negative comments from people when things go wrong, and seldom positive when things are right. Well, after installing the plow kit and now using it in rather deep snow, I must say that I’m impressed with it. The blade angle adjustment is well engineered, yet simple and very effective. I’m very satisfied with my purchase of this kit and the quality of the kit, not to mention it’s priced right. My neighbor also has a 4×4 ATV and was shocked when he saw the amount of snow I was moving in a very short period of time. He is now considering purchasing a plow kit. If so, it will be from your company‚Ķ Great product.”

– Bob Litzinger

Bob bought the Eagle Original ATV snow plow kit, starting at just $360 with free shipping to the lower 48 states.

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