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Jeep Winch Mount Bumper Tube Installation

Jeep grille guard

A Jeep winch mount bumper tube offers an aggressive look and rugged protection.

Want an aggressive look for your Jeep without the cost and hassle of installing a new bumper? A winch mount bumper tube is quick and easy to install. Plus it’s functional for holding lights and will help protect your front end in case of a minor impact. The bumper tube bolts right to your winch mount—no drilling or cutting required.

The Jeep TJ winch mount bumper tube from ProMark Offroad installs in minutes. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Fasten the 4 carriage bolts to the winch mounting plate with the round bolt head at the front side of the mount plate and the nut at the back side of the plate. Do not tighten the bolts.
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  3. Attach the grille guard tube to the carriage bolts by sliding the tube mount brackets over the bolt head. To seat the bracket, rotate the carriage bolts until they lock into the corresponding slot on the grille guard.
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  5. Finish the installation by fully tightening the carriage bolts and nuts to 42-47 ft/lbs.
TJ grille guard installation

How to install a TJ grille guard

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One Response to “Jeep Winch Mount Bumper Tube Installation”

  1. Jim Trent says:

    That is a crazy looking custom ‘4×4 I would love to build one of my own like that. Loving the monster truck tires too.

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