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How to Install an ATV Winch

ATV winch installation

ATV winch installation

Before you begin installation, disconnect the vehicle ground and positive leads from the battery. Make sure your battery or power supply meets the electrical requirements for operating an ATV winch. Heavy duty winching may require an auxiliary battery and heavy duty alternator.

  1. Install the mounting kit first. Mount plates are available here or from your local powersports dealer. Detailed instructions are included with your mounting kit. Read and follow these instructions carefully.

    If you choose not to purchase a mounting kit, you MUST install your winch on a flat, secure mounting location. You will also need to drill holes in the structural support of your vehicle. Your structural support MUST be able to withstand the maximum rated pulling force of the winch.

  2. Line up the ATV winch with the holes in the mounting kit or structural support.

  3. Secure the winch to the mounting kit or structural support with the bolts, washers, and nuts supplied with the winch. In order to gain access to the hardware directly underneath the cable drum, you may need to unspool the cable from the winch drum.

  4. Drill mounting holes for the contactor. We recommend mounting the contactor in a clean, dry location (for example, in or near the rear storage box, or under the seat). Once you decide on a mounting location, drill the holes but do not install the contactor yet, as it is easier to wire the contactor before mounting.

  5. Mount the thumb switch. The mounting location for the switch is typically on the left handlebar. Use a piece of black electrical tape to prevent rotation on the bar. Do not install over any wires or hoses. After you mount the switch, route the wiring harness back to where the contactor will be mounted, attaching the harness to hard points on the vehicle with cable ties. Attach the wires according to the instructions in your ATV winch manual.

  6. Attach the battery wires to the contactor, but do not hook up to the battery yet.

  7. Install the winch wires to the contactor and winch as instructed in your manual.

  8. Secure the contactor to your chosen mounting location. When all wires have been properly routed and secured with cable ties and electrical tape, take a minute to ensure that your system is properly installed and free from restrictions. When installation and wiring is complete, you may reattach the wires to the positive and negative battery terminals.

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