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ProMark ATV Winch Pulls a Suburban

Want to see an ATV pull something twice its size? Watch this ProMark fan’s “Big Redd” Kawasaki ATV pull a 3500 lb Suburban with a ProMark ATV winch!

IMPORTANT: Please note that although this video is an impressive example of how much a winch can pull, ProMark Offroad does not endorse improper or dangerous winching techniques. Never wrap a winch cable around a hitch ball or hook the cable back onto itself. We also recommend holding on to the hook strap rather than the hook. For safe winching techniques, please see our article on Winch Recovery Rigging or refer to your winch instruction manual.

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2 Responses to “ProMark ATV Winch Pulls a Suburban”

  1. very concerned says:

    its one thing to advertise how tough a winch is, BUT why would you break one of the MAJOR SAFETY RULES right off the bat by wrapping the cable around the hitch ball and hooking it back to itself?? MAJOR NO NO!! Read any owners manual, insrtuction manual or winching guide and see what it says about this! Then he ends the video by holding right onto the hook itself instead of the handle hanging right there?? I can see this guy on the next “wHOOPS” video when the cable breaks from misuse or he runs his fingers into the rollers!!! SHOW SOME COMMON SENSE WHEN USING THESE THINGS!! THEY ARE TOOLS NOT TOYS!!

    • Esther says:

      Redneck, you are definitely right about the safety issue. We want our readers to use safe rigging techniques, and the above video—although impressive in how much the winch can pull—is an example of dangerous and improper winching. We hope all our readers are aware of the dangers of using a winch and concerned enough about their safety to learn safe winching techniques. Thanks for pointing out the possible mixed message that this video could send. We’ve added a comment above the video that addresses the safety issues you mentioned.

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