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How to Measure for an ATV Cover

ATV cover

Check the ATV cover dimensions to see if it will fit your bike.

Before making your ATV cover purchase, make sure you find the right size cover for your ATV.

1. Measure the length, width, and height of your ATV. Do not measure up and over the handlebars, windshield, or other parts. Measure in a straight line.

Take into account any add-ons or accessories that stick out from your ATV that you want underneath the cover. Some accessories may need to be removed before the cover will fit. Most ATV covers are sized to fit ATVs with racks and winches, but they may not work with windshields, snorkels, and other add-ons.

2. Check the cover dimensions for the cover that is recommended for your ATV. The dimensions of your ATV should fit within the dimensions of the cover.

Most powersports cover stores provide a sizing chart or product description that lists the ATV make and model along with the size cover recommended for your particular ATV. Use the manufacturer’s recommendation to find the right cover for your bike. Then measure your ATV to make sure the cover will fit before making your purchase. If you have questions about which size ATV cover you need, contact the store’s customer service department with your concerns.

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