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Keep Snow from Sticking to a Plow Blade

ATV snow plow

Keep snow from sticking to your plow blade.

Got a problem with snow sticking to your ATV plow blade? Here are some suggestions from to help you out.

Plow Maintenance

The first culprit to check for when snow sticks to your blade is rust. Instead of a slick surface, rust and pitted surfaces act like Velcro to collect snow and hold it in place. Remove rust and coat the blade thoroughly with rust-resistant paint to maintain the plow and make it last as long as possible.

Anti-Stick Paint

If your ATV plow blade is in good shape but the snow is still sticking, try coating the blade with a product designed to make the blade slick. Special paints provide a slick finish that makes the blade look wet. You may need to use several coats and reapply the paint every few years, depending on how often you plow with your ATV.

Anti-Stick Coating

Anti-stick coating products like Fluid Film or Sno-Flo are even easier to apply. These products serve several purposes, including protection against corrosion, snow and ice buildup prevention, and lubrication for better blade performance. You can also coat your headlights, electrical connections, and other plow parts for extra protection.

Auto paste wax is another way to slick down the plow blade. You will need to reapply the wax when it wears off and becomes less effective.

Other solutions, such as no-stick cooking spray, must be reapplied often and can create a buildup of greasy residue on the plow blade over time. Avoid sprays that can attract dust, grime, and dirt.

Poly Plow Blade

When it comes to choosing a plow blade, here’s one more thing to keep in mind: snow rolls off a poly plow blade easier than a steel blade. When it comes time to upgrade your plow system, you might want to consider a poly blade.

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