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Tips for Using a Winch Snatch Block

A snatch block is a simple tool that can add a lot of power to your winch when used correctly. By rigging up a snatch block with your winch, you can almost double the power, or you can redirect the pull for an off-angle recovery.

Snatch block

Use a snatch block to increase your pulling power.

Here are a few tips on using a snatch block with your ATV winch or truck winch.

1. Choose the right snatch block.

Make sure to choose a snatch block that can handle the full force of the recovery. Look at the rating for the snatch block. If you are only using the snatch block to redirect pulls, the snatch block rating should match your winch rating, at minimum. If you are using the snatch block for double line or triple line pulls, make sure the snatch block is rated for the full force of the pull.

2. Learn how to use it properly.

Since the side plate on the snatch block swings open, you can easily thread the cable over the pulley without removing the winch hook and threading it through the opening. Once the cable is in place, close the side plate and attach the snatch block to the anchor point using a D-shackle.

3. Rig up a double line pull.

By doubling back the winch cable, you can increase the pulling power of your winch. A triple line pull will increase the power even more, for extreme recovery situations. To effectively double the pulling power of your winch, you’ll need to reattach the winch hook to your vehicle’s frame or tow hook (don’t attach the winch hook to the mounting plate or winch). Then secure the snatch block to the anchor point using a D-shackle and tree strap.

4. Redirect an angle pull.

If you’re winching from a sharp angle, the winch cable can pile up on one side of the drum. By using a snatch block to redirect the angle of the pull, you can instead guide the cable directly into the drum so that it spools evenly. To rig up the pull, use the snatch block to attach the cable to the anchor point (which should be directly in line with the recovery vehicle) and guide the cable to the stuck vehicle. Attach the winch hook to a tow point on the stuck vehicle.

Winch Snatch Blocks

Need more power from your ATV winch or truck winch? Use one of our snatch blocks to increase pulling power. Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 U.S.

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