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ProMark Offroad Blog

Choosing an ATV Plow Lift System

Electric Winch

An ATV winch makes it easy to raise and lower your plow blade.

If you already own on ATV, why not put it to work in the winter with an ATV snow plow kit? You can clear your driveway, your neighbor’s driveway, and the sidewalks with less than half the time and effort it takes to shovel. Plus, it’s a lot more fun.

To operate your ATV plow, you’ll need some type of lift, either a manual hand lift, an electric winch, or an electric lift kit.

1. Manual Lift

A manual plow lift is simple to use and install. Fewer parts mean that it’s less likely to break and easier to fix if it does. The manual hand lift makes it quick to lift and lower the plow blade with very little effort. It’s also the cheapest option, unless you already own a winch.

2. Electric Winch

If you already own an ATV winch, you can put it to work raising and lowering the plow. Using the thumb switch is the only effort needed to lift and drop the blade. We recommend choosing a winch with a mechanical brake. ProMark ATV winches with a mechanical brake include the XT Series and Outback Series.

If you don’t already own a winch, you might want to consider purchasing one. An ATV winch comes in handy for recovery, landscaping, yard work, forestry, and farm chores, as well as plowing snow.

3. Electric Lift Kit

Special lift kits are available for operating a snow plow. They save wear and tear on your electric winch, and they provide an extra boost of power. Since these electric lifts are designed specifically for lifting and lowering a plow, they are less versatile than an electric winch.

ATV Snow Plowing Tips for First Snowfall

Snowplow in action

Push snow further out for early season snowfalls.

Winter is just beginning. Right now, there’s plenty of room to pile up snow on the sides of your driveway with your ATV plow, and tufts of brown grass are still poking out. You may be tempted to think you can just push the first few snowfalls to the edge of the driveway and call it good, but experienced plow drivers know that where you pile snow early in the season will make a huge difference later in the winter.

Push It Back

The more snow you pile up along the edge of your driveway, the narrower it will get. The snowbanks will start to close in on your driveway, creating a claustrophobic tunnel.

To keep the full width of your driveway open, push the first snow straight back a few feet into the grass. The more snow your region gets in a typical year, the further back you’ll want to push the first snowfall.

Pile It Up

As the banks on the side of your driveway get higher, you’ll need to start piling the snow higher. Use the ATV winch to lift the plow blade as you approach the snowbank. This helps you push the snow further off the driveway and keeps you from smashing into the packed snowbank, which can damage your ATV plow.

ATV Eagle Plow Country Style Now at ProMark Offroad

Eagle ATV plow

Eagle ATV Plow - Country Style

We’ve added a new Eagle snow plow blade to our line of ATV plows. The 50-inch wide Country Style ATV Plow Blade is designed primarily for the Eagle ATV front and original systems. Tall on one end and short on the other, this plow blade is designed to push more snow without letting the snow spill over the top of the blade.

Eagle recommends the Country Style Plow for long driveways and places where you need to push snow further. The blade is constructed with 12 gauge steel and powder coated for long life. Steel skids with rubber bushings, heavy duty wear bars, and a top side rubber flap are included. Proudly made in the USA!

Get it now and your orders ships free (lower 48 U.S.)!


  • 50″ Length
  • 27″ Height (23″ on short side)
  • 12 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • 7 Gauge Steel Skids
  • Heavy Duty Wear Bar
  • Top Side Rubber Flap
  • Black Color
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufacturer Part Number 2915

Keep Snow from Sticking to a Plow Blade

ATV snow plow

Keep snow from sticking to your plow blade.

Got a problem with snow sticking to your ATV plow blade? Here are some suggestions from to help you out.

Plow Maintenance

The first culprit to check for when snow sticks to your blade is rust. Instead of a slick surface, rust and pitted surfaces act like Velcro to collect snow and hold it in place. Remove rust and coat the blade thoroughly with rust-resistant paint to maintain the plow and make it last as long as possible.

Anti-Stick Paint

If your ATV plow blade is in good shape but the snow is still sticking, try coating the blade with a product designed to make the blade slick. Special paints provide a slick finish that makes the blade look wet. You may need to use several coats and reapply the paint every few years, depending on how often you plow with your ATV.

Anti-Stick Coating

Anti-stick coating products like Fluid Film or Sno-Flo are even easier to apply. These products serve several purposes, including protection against corrosion, snow and ice buildup prevention, and lubrication for better blade performance. You can also coat your headlights, electrical connections, and other plow parts for extra protection.

Auto paste wax is another way to slick down the plow blade. You will need to reapply the wax when it wears off and becomes less effective.

Other solutions, such as no-stick cooking spray, must be reapplied often and can create a buildup of greasy residue on the plow blade over time. Avoid sprays that can attract dust, grime, and dirt.

Poly Plow Blade

When it comes to choosing a plow blade, here’s one more thing to keep in mind: snow rolls off a poly plow blade easier than a steel blade. When it comes time to upgrade your plow system, you might want to consider a poly blade.

ATV Plow: Straight or V Blade?

ATV plow

ATV plow with straight blade

The other week, a customer contacted us on Twitter about needing a V-plow for his Arctic Cat Prowler. “Do you carry the V-Plow?” he asked. “Didn’t see it and not sure if I want it yet.”

While a V-plow on an ATV is good for some applications, such as clearing sidewalks or breaking through hard-packed snow, overall a straight blade beats out a V blade for most ATV plows.

If you’re clearing a narrow walkway, a V-plow will get the job done in one pass. But with down-and-back passes to plow a driveway, a straight blade is more efficient. Using a fixed V-plow for multiple passes means that you can only use half the blade, which takes twice as long.

Although a V plow ATV is better for breaking through hard-packed, deep snow, it’s better to plow with the storm than let the snow pile up and crust over. The heavier the snow, the more important it is to plow with the storm. Your ATV and plow blade can only handle so much weight.

As a bonus, straight ATV plows are cheaper than V plows. If it’s a larger snow carrying capacity that you’re looking for, upgrade your straight blade with a set of plow wings.

Choosing an ATV / UTV Plow

ATV snow plow

Clear your driveway with an ATV plow!

Before you know it, you’ll be waking up to a fresh layer of snow on the ground. Are you ready for winter plowing? Forget the back-breaking shovel, and use your ATV or UTV to plow the driveway. You might have so much fun, you’ll be clearing the neighbor’s driveway, too.

Want to buy an ATV snow plow but not sure which one is right for you? Here are some of the differences between the ATV plows available at ProMark Offroad.

Original Eagle ATV Plow

The Original Eagle Plow is designed for use with ATVs, with a reinforced steel blade available in three different widths. The base mounting plate can stay on your quad year round, which means less time spent installing and removing the plow each season. Plus, this ATV plow works with any lift system: manual, electric winch, or electric lift. A quick latch bracket system lets you install the plow in minutes.

Available Options:

  • 50″, 54″, and 60″ steel blade for ATVs

Gen II Eagle Front Mount ATV / UTV Plow

The Gen II snow plow is designed for ATVs and UTVs, with three blade widths available for each. The high clearance on the front mount means that you can leave the mount on year round without losing any ground clearance. The model-specific mount offers secure mounting that a universal mount can’t give you, and the quick latch bracket system lets you install the plow blade in minutes. This ATV / UTV plow is not compatible with a manual lift; an electric winch or electric lift is required.

Available Options:

  • 50″, 54″, and 60″ steel blade for ATVs
  • 60″, 66″, and 72″ steel blade for UTVs

A.R.M. Cycle Country ATV Plow

The A.R.M. Cycle Country plow is the easiest system to install. The universal mount clamps onto the A-arm of your ATV with no custom mount, fabrication, or drilling needed. This universal plow fits all ATVs and comes with the option of a poly or steel plow blade. The poly blade is lightweight and forgiving on driveway surfaces that are easily marred, such as asphalt or decorative pavers. The speed latch system allows for drive-up attachment.

The A.R.M. plow system reduces ground clearance by several inches, so you may want to remove the plow mounting hardware before taking your ATV off road. An electric winch or electric lift system is required to operate the plow.

Available Options:

  • X-Force 52″ poly blade
  • Bear Force 52″ steel blade
  • ATV only (no UTV option)

Why Use Plow Skid Shoes?

Plow skids

Plow skids make your wear bar last longer and protect the driveway surface.

Even the pros are pretty much split on whether or not they recommend using plow skids. Some of the factors that come into play include whether or not the ground is frozen, what type of driveway surface you’re plowing (and even the distinction between different types of gravel or how packed down it is), the weight of the plow blade, and the type of wear bar on your plow (steel or urethane).

Why Use Plow Skids?

Plow operators who use skid shoes generally use them for one of two reasons: 1) To keep from plowing gravel or stones into the yard, or 2) To make the wear bar last longer.

Skid shoes are designed to allow the plow blade to “float” just above the surface that you are plowing. This comes in handy for gravel driveways, crushed rock, pavers, uneven surfaces or slightly raised areas, and soft surfaces that can get marred by the plow blade. With the plow raised slightly, you are less likely to bulldoze gravel and stones into the yard and you will get a longer life out of your wear bar. The skid shoes allow you to follow the contour of the surface so the blade doesn’t catch or chatter.

How to Adjust Plow Skids

When plowing a dirt or gravel surface, adjust the plow shoes so that the blade is raised slightly above the surface. When plowing an asphalt or concrete surface, adjust the shoes to the same height as the plow blade to get a clean scrape. Some plow operators remove the skid shoes or raise them all the way up when they want to scrape the surface bare. If you’re not sure whether to use skid shoes or not, try plowing with them and then without them to see what works better for the conditions and surface that you’re trying to plow.

ATV Plow Tips and Maintenance

ATV Snow Plow

The better you take care of your ATV plow,
the longer it will last.

If you want your plow to work at peak performance, it’s important to know how to properly maintain and operate your plow. These operating tips are geared specifically towards the X-Force poly plow, but they also apply to most other ATV plows and brands.

  • To get the best performance from your plow, set the suspension on your ATV to the stiffest setting.
  • a
  • When plowing snow or dirt into a pile, back up slightly before raising the plow.
  • a
  • Check the bolts, nuts, and fasteners for wear and tightness on a periodic basis. Replace or tighten hardware as needed.
  • a
  • Inspect all metal parts on the plow and mount on a regular basis. Replace parts that appear rusted or deformed.
  • a
  • Inspect the winch cable for excessive fraying, cut strands, and other damage prior to use. Make sure the cable doesn’t rub on any sharp edges.
  • a
  • Use plow skids to keep the plow blade from scratching the road surface and to make the wear bar last longer.
  • a
  • Adjust the plow skids to the proper clearance. For plowing on gravel, adjust the skids so that the edge of the wear bar will be just above the gravel while plowing (usually about half an inch). For plowing smooth, level surfaces, adjust the skids to the same height as the edge of the wear bar.

ATV Plow Kit Review

Eagle ATV Plow

The Eagle Original ATV plow makes plowing in deep snow fast and easy.

We love hearing from our customers, whether it’s a suggestion for a new product, feedback on our existing products, or just to let us know how things are working out. The following comment is from one of our customers who bought an ATV plow kit. After using the kit to plow out after some heavy snowstorms, he contacted us to let us know how the plow was holding up under harsh winter conditions.

“Hello. I recently purchased an ATV plow kit from you. All too often we hear nothing but negative comments from people when things go wrong, and seldom positive when things are right. Well, after installing the plow kit and now using it in rather deep snow, I must say that I’m impressed with it. The blade angle adjustment is well engineered, yet simple and very effective. I’m very satisfied with my purchase of this kit and the quality of the kit, not to mention it’s priced right. My neighbor also has a 4×4 ATV and was shocked when he saw the amount of snow I was moving in a very short period of time. He is now considering purchasing a plow kit. If so, it will be from your company‚Ķ Great product.”

– Bob Litzinger

Bob bought the Eagle Original ATV snow plow kit, starting at just $360 with free shipping to the lower 48 states.

Tips for Plowing Snow with an ATV

ATV snow plow

For deep snow, plow in layers.

Plowing Deep Snow with an ATV

For heavy snowfall, plowing with the storm is the best way to go. But we know that doesn’t always happen. So when there’s already 10 inches on the ground and you’re just breaking out the plow, here are a few tips to make sure your ATV plow setup can handle the job.

For plowing deep snow, only lower the plow half the depth of the snow. For example, if there are 10 inches of snow on the ground, only lower the plow 5 inches. Plow the top layer of 5 inches, and then lower the plow to the ground and remove the bottom 5-inch layer of snow.

When plowing at an angle with deep snow, only plow half the width of the plow to prevent the snow from spilling off the side of the plow.

When plowing a snowbank, square up the ATV to the snowbank and plow across the bank. Don’t plow with your blade or ATV at an angle to the snowbank. The force of hitting a snowbank at an angle can break your plow.

Other ATV Snow Plow Tips

We recommend installing a second winch on the rear of your ATV in case you get stuck in a snowbank, high centered, etc. For aggressive plowers, a rear winch is a big deal if you happen to get stuck.

One of the trends we’re starting to see for plowing is replacing the winch line with a 2-inch strap or seat belt. The wider strap spreads out the stress and saves your winch line for recovery use only. We recommend doing this if you have problems with your winch line breaking.

Winch Line Stopper

A winch line stopper keeps your hook from getting winched into the fairlead.

Recommended Plow Accessories

There are a few ATV plow accessories that can make your life easier. You’ll find some of them on your own, but here are three that we recommend:

  1. Large bottom roller fairlead
  2. Constant use at a sharp angle can make your winch line wear out faster. A large bottom roller can reduce the stress on your winch line.

  3. Winch line stopper
  4. Since you can’t see the winch line while you’re plowing, a rubber stopper prevents you from winching the hook into the fairlead.

  5. Plow wings
  6. They make your plow job cleaner, faster, and easier by keeping snow from spilling off the sides of the plow blade.