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ProMark Offroad Blog

Turning your ATV into a Snow Plow for the Winter

Turning your All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) into a snow plow for the winter means you can clear your driveway with ease and, if you choose to, you can have a source of income by clearing driveways in your neighborhood. ATVs are already great in the snow as they are agile and can go into narrow areas too small for other vehicles. When you have a ProMark 3000 lb XT

ATV snow plow

Kolpin X-FACTOR ATV Snow Plow in a Box with 52″ Blade – Available 12/2

Series ATV Winch, you can pull vehicles up to three times your size from snow drifts.

ATV Snow Plow System

You can turn your ATV into a snow plow just by installing the Universal ATV Snowplow System. This plow shovels snow in the winter and bulldozes dirt, gravel and debris too.

If you choose a front mounting kit, it is easier to install and remove as you don’t have to get under the ATV. A center mounting kit attaches to the underside of the ATV to strengthen the frame of the vehicle. You can release the blade with quick-release pins so you don’t have to remove the mounting kit when you want to use your ATV without the blade.

When you are lifting the blade, you can do so manually using a plow lift or you can use your ATV winch instead. When you use your winch for lifting and lowering your blade, you can’t use it for recovery. When using your winch for this function, you will need to wire it accordingly and use an adapter.

Universal ATV Snow Plow Systems

You will need a Kolpin X-FACTOR ATV Snow Plow in a Box with 52″ Blade and a Cycle Country Forward Mount Universal ATV Plow Kit.  A simple install can be done at home in about 30 minutes. You can transform your ATV into a snow plow and get more use out of it.

Tips for Winching your ATV out of the Snow

It’s almost time for the winter snows and we know that you are raring to go. If you are new to ATV winching, here are some tips to get yourself (or someone else) out of the snow. Great winching techniques mean you will spend less time stuck in the drifts and more time having fun.

Survey the terrain

Before the heavy snow falls, check out the area where you are going to be using your ATV or ATV snowplow. Take note of obstacles, ditches and holes that will soon be covered by the snow. Knowing what’s under the snow may help to prevent you from getting stuck in the first place and will certainly prevent damage to your person and property when you do get stuck.

Anchor point

Superwinch LT2000 ATV Winch

ProMark Offroad’s Superwinch LT2000 ATV Winch 2,000 lb will get you out of any situation

When you get stuck pick a suitable anchor point that you know will be able to stand up to the strain. If you select a tree as your anchor, ensure that you use an ATV winch tree strap to prevent damage to the tree.

Never wrap the rope or cable around your anchor and hook back onto itself. This will cause damage to your rope or cable and can cause it to snap which may result in injury or damage.

Turn the tires in the direction you are winching in order to reduce resistance.

If you use your ATC in water or mud during the summer months, ensure that you unwind it and clean it properly to ensure that no sand gets into the motor.

Prior to heading out in the snow, check that your winch is securely mounted and that your winch is in good working order.

 ProMark Offroad Superwinch LT2000 ATV Winch 2000 lb

Don’t wast valuable time in a ditch! Get out there and have more fun with the great ProMark Offroad winch series, there isn’t a rock and a hard place that’s any match for you.

ATV Snow Plow Techniques

With winter coming up soon, you may want to get a snow plow mount for your ATV. There are certain techniques that will make your snow plowing more effective and efficient. Using these basic techniques, you can keep your ATV snow plows working in peak condition, practice safe plowing and get more done in a day.

When moving your ATV snow plow from one location to another, angle the blade to the right in order to avoid catching a curb or roadside vegetation.


ATV Snow Plow mounts mean you can use your ATV all year round

Overheating is a common problem as ATV snow plows are put through their paces. Always keep an eye on the temperature gauge so that you can catch problems before they cause any damage. If your ATV snow plow begins to overheat while you are transporting it, change the position of the blade to allow more air into the radiator.

Check the area you will be plowing before the first snow fall. Make a note of fire hydrants, speed bumps and other obstacles that could damage your plow when covered in snow.

When plowing a driveway, drive up to the garage, lower the blade and back up. Pull the snow back a couple of car-lengths from the garage door. Then start at the garage and plow down the drive. Dump snow in the right place and keep it off the road and the sidewalk. Take care not to pile the snow up so that a driver will have trouble seeing oncoming vehicles when coming down the driveway.

In very thick snow, lower the blade until it’s a few inches from the ground and take off the top layer first. Then come back for a second time to finish the job.

Be especially careful when plowing alongside a curb so as to avoid damage to the blade. Plow carefully next to cars as the snow can push you into the vehicle.


Fall ATV Snow Plow Maintenance Gets your Tiger Purring

Fall; beautiful leaves, hot chocolate and… ATV Snow Plow season is just around the corner! It’s been a lazy summer and you need to give your ATV Snow Plow a little love before the winter season. Here are some tips on how to best prepare your plow for the coming snow.

Check your oil level

Ensure that the lift piston if fully retracted. Use a straw or popsicle stick to check the level of oil. If you haven’t done so in a while, it may be time to replace your oil.

Check hoses, couplers and rams

Hoses must be free of cracks or holes and couplers and rams must be checked for rust or leaks. Rust or leaks in couplers and rams could introduce water into your fluids which can freeze

up in inclement conditions.

Mounting Bold and cutting edges

Check the edge of your plow blade for wear and replace it as soon as either side is worn more than 4” as this will prevent damage to the moldboard. Retighten all the mounting bolts and continue to do this at regular intervals throughout the season. In fact, it’s best to give all the bolts and fasteners a tighten.

Battery maintenance

The battery is probably your biggest concern. If you haven’t used your ATV over the summer, you may have to recharge your battery. Ensure that the terminals are corrosion free and apply di-electrical grease and check that all electrical connections are secure and protected from warm parts of the engine.

Tighten the trip and return springs so that you can still slide a business card between the coil in the middle of the spring.

Grease the vertical pin and pivot pins.

Just a few minor tweaks at the beginning of the season will mean that your ATV snow plow runs optimally all season long. A good maintenance regimen will also mean that your plow will last longer and run better.



Snow Plow Tips for ATV Plow Owners

Snowplow in action

Push snow further out for early season snowfalls.

Who says ATVs are just for summer? Put your ATV to work this winter with an ATV plow. You can clear your driveway and have fun at the same time—all without a sore back the next day. Use these ATV plow tips to get your driveway cleared in no time.

Know your pattern.

  • Push the snow back far enough early in the season to leave room for plowing through the winter. If you don’t push it back far enough in the beginning, your driveway will keep getting narrower and you’ll have trouble lifting the ATV plow high enough to dump the new snow above the mounds of old snow.
  • Know which way the wind blows most often in the winter. You’ll want to pile most of the snow on the side of the driveway that won’t drift into the drive with blowing winds.
  • To avoid too much buildup on the ATV plow blade, plow a line down the center of the driveway, back up all the way, and then plow to the left and right of the center path at a 45-degree angle.

Start out right.

  • If you park your ATV in the garage, you can drop the plow blade at the edge of the garage and start plowing from there. If you park your ATV outside of the garage, drive up to the garage door (be careful to stay far enough away to avoid scratching it), drop the ATV plow blade, and backdrag the snow for several lengths of the ATV. Then back into the cleared space you created and start plowing down the center to create the first path.
  • If your driveway runs along the house, garage, retaining wall, or other structure, take time to shovel the snow away from the structure before plowing. It’s not worth risking the damage to your house or other building by accidentally hitting it with the ATV or plow blade.

Finish well.

  • Don’t leave snow on the road or on sidewalks. If you need to push snow into the road while clearing the driveway, make sure you push the snow back up into your yard at the end.
  • Plow with the storm. If you know there’s going to be a lot of snow coming, plow halfway through the storm, and then plow again at the end. If you can’t plow with the storm, you may need to raise the blade and plow the top half of the snow first, before lowering the blade and scraping down to the driveway.

ATV Plow System

Is your ATV ready for the next snowstorm? Get a complete ATV plow system and ATV winch from Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 U.S.

How to Plow Snow with an ATV Plow

ATV plow

Clear your driveway faster with an ATV plow.

If clearing the driveway is something you typically pawn off on your teenager, things are going to change when you get an ATV plow system. Plowing with your ATV is not only a great way to use your ATV in the winter, but it makes clearing the driveway fun rather than a dreaded chore.

1. Inspect your equipment.

Before you start plowing, take a few minutes to inspect your equipment. Check for loose or cracked parts, worn components, or any signs of damage on the plow blade, mounting assembly, push tube, plow lift, and any other plow parts. If you find any problems, fix them before you use the plow.

2. Test the lift device.

Make sure your ATV plow winch or electric lift system is operating properly. Lift and lower the plow blade, taking care to note how high you can lift the blade without stalling the ATV winch or hitting your vehicle with the plow assembly. Be careful not to lift the plow too high while you’re clearing the driveway.

3. Adjust the plow.

Next, set the angle of the blade and make sure the skid height and blade pivot angle are how you want them.

For deep snow, set the plow blade high and clear the snow in layers at a relaxed angle. This prevents overstraining on your winch and plow assembly. Then finish the job more aggressively with a lowered plow blade and a sharper blade angle.

4. Plan your route.

Make a plan before you start plowing with your ATV. Know the pattern you should follow to clear snow out of the way without dumping it into the path that you’ve already cleared. The best pattern usually involves clearing the outer edges of the area, moving snow to either side of the driveway.

5. Work smart.

Push snow back into the lawn at beginning of season to leave room for building up snow throughout the entire snow season. Lift the plow blade as you approach the edge of the pavement.

Avoid piling up too much snow in front of the blade. It’s hard on your plow system, ATV winch, and your ATV.

If your driveway abuts with the house, use a shovel to clear a section of snow (about a foot or two) away from the house. Better to shovel a little snow than hit the house with your plow blade.

ATV Plow Parts

Outfit your quad with an ATV plow system from Cycle Country or Eagle Manufacturing. All plow kits ship free to the lower 48 U.S.

Choosing an ATV Snow Plow

Eagle ATV plow

Put your ATV to work this winter with an ATV plow system.

Got an ATV? Put it to work this winter with an ATV plow system. You’ll have so much fun, you’ll be clearing your neighbors’ driveways too.

ATV Plow System Requirements

In order to get an ATV plow up and running, you’ll need a few different components that work together.

You’ll need a mounting plate (either universal or model specific, depending on the ATV snow plow you buy), a push tube, a plow blade, and a lift system (either an ATV winch, an electric plow lift, or a manual lift).

Some plow systems give you more ground clearance than others; some are easier to install (and uninstall) than others; and some offer more blade width choices than others.

Get a quick-attach plow if you want ease of use. Choose a plow mount that offers better ground clearance if you want to ride without removing the plow. And make sure the blade width is wider than your ATV or UTV.

Steel or Poly Blade

Steel plow blades used to be the only option for ATV plow blades, but now there’s a new kid on the block: the lightweight poly blade. Steel snow blades are known for their strength and durability, but they can easily scuff up the driveway surface if you’re not careful.

Steel ATV plow blade

Steel ATV plow blades are known for their strength and durability.

Poly snow blades are lighter in weight (which means less weight hanging off the front of your ATV) and more forgiving on driveway surfaces, especially decorative stones and asphalt.

Plow Blade Width

The wider the ATV plow blade, the fewer passes it will take to clear your driveway. Smaller blades are lighter and easier to maneuver, however. The plow blade should be slightly wider than your ATV at minimum.

Most ATVs require at least a 50 inch wide plow blade. Larger ATVs can handle up to a 60 inch blade, and UTVs can handle up to a 72 inch wide plow blade.

Build an ATV Snow Plow System

Get a complete ATV snow plow system for your quad. Choose from a steel or poly blade from Cycle Country and Eagle. Complete your plow system with an ATV winch from ProMark, Mile Marker, or Superwinch. Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 U.S.!

6 ATV Plow Accessories to Make Plowing Easier

UTV snow plow

Use your ATV or UTV to plow snow with these accessories.

With a few ATV plow accessories, you can plow faster and easier with your ATV. Here are some of the most popular ATV plow accessories.

1. Plastic wear bar

If you plow on concrete or brick, use a plastic wear bar to minimize damage to the driveway surface.

2. Synthetic plow rope

Synthetic winch rope is more flexible than steel rope, which makes it a better choice for the constant up-and-down motion of an ATV plow blade. Synthetic plow rope is available in short lengths (such as 10 feet), since you’ll only need a few feet of rope to raise and lower the plow blade. If there’s enough room on your winch spool, you can install the synthetic plow rope over the existing winch cable.

3. Large-bottom roller fairlead

If you use your ATV mainly for plowing in the winter, a large-bottom roller fairlead can come in handy. The large bottom roller reduces the wear and tear on your winch rope.

4. Plow markers

It’s now always easy to gauge the width of your ATV plow blade. Plow markers are flexible markers that install on the corners of the plow blade to give you better plow visibility, especially in deep snow.

5. Plow blade side wall

The blade side wall installs on the end of the plow blade and helps control the flow of snow as it piled in front of the blade. The plow blade side wall prevents snow from escaping on that side of the blade and guides the snow off to one side.

6. Snow control flap

This flexible rubber flap installs on the top edge of the ATV plow blade to keep snow from flowing up and over the blade. A snow control flap helps guide the snow where you want it to go.

ATV Plow Accessories

Order a new synthetic plow rope or large bottom roller fairlead before the snow flies! ProMark Offroad carries ATV snow plow kits and ATV winches for all makes and models. Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 U.S.

Winch Rope for ATV Plows

ATV plow

Use your ATV plow to clear snow.

Using your ATV to plow the driveway and sidewalks (and the neighbors’ driveways if your own isn’t enough) is a great way to use your ATV year round and enjoy snowstorms instead of dreading them.

In order to lift and lower the plow blade, you’ll need to use an electric ATV winch (or an electric lift) or a manual lift. If you use an electric winch for your ATV plow, there are several options for the type of winch rope you can use for plowing.

Steel Winch Cable

Since plowing uses only a small section of the cable on your ATV winch, it adds extra stress to your cable. The same section of cable is being flexed continually, which causes it to wear out faster than normal.

Since steel cable is not as flexible as synthetic rope, we recommend hooking up a pulley system to avoid attaching the cable to the plow at such a sharp angle. You can also use a fairlead with a large bottom roller to reduce strain on the winch cable.

Synthetic Winch Rope

Since synthetic winch rope is more flexible than steel cable, it can better withstand the constant flexing motion of lifting and lower the plow. You’ll need to make sure the synthetic rope doesn’t rub against anything sharp (such as a nick in the hawse) that could damage the rope.

Synthetic rope is available in short lengths for plowing only. The short section gives you just enough rope to lift and lower the plow. You can swap out your regular winch cable with the synthetic rope when plowing season begins.

Use a pulley to attach the winch rope to the plow at a more gradual angle. Sharp angles and winch rope (or cable) don’t mix well.

ATV Plow Strap

For a do-it-yourself option, install a thick strap (such as a boat transom strap or seat belt webbing) on your winch drum. As long as there is enough room, you can install the strap on top of the winch cable already on the drum. Just make sure the strap is long enough so that the strap is anchored in place on the drum as you lift and lower the ATV plow.

Keep Your Winch Rope from Breaking

Keep these two ATV plowing tips in mind, no matter what type of winch rope you use for your ATV plow:

1) Don’t lift the plow blade too high. That places a huge strain on your winch rope.

2) Don’t try to lift the plow blade while it’s still in a snow pile. Start backing up first, and then gradually lift the blade as you back up.

ATV Plows and Accessories

Need a plow blade or winch rope for your ATV? Get ready before it snows with an ATV plow kit from ProMark Offroad. Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 U.S.

How an ATV Plow Works

ATV plow

Look forward to snow when you plow with your ATV!

If you moan and groan every time it snows, you probably clear your driveway with a shovel. If you pray for snow every night and whoop and holler during a snowstorm, on the other hand, you probably clear your driveway with an ATV plow.

If you already own an ATV, outfitting your quad with an ATV plow is one of the best ways to put your quad to work in the winter. Here’s how an ATV plow works for clearing your driveway and sidewalk surfaces.

ATV Plow Parts

Across the bottom of your plow blade is a strip of material called a wear bar. This is what scrapes the surface clean and scoops the snow off your driveway and into the arc of the blade.

The curved surface of the blade is coated to allow snow to roll over and fall on top of the material in front of it as you drive the ATV forward. With the blade set at an angle, the snow gets pushed to the side, leaving a clear path in the area you just plowed.

Rolling Snow off the Plow

The longer you push the snow in front of the ATV plow, the deeper it gets and the harder your ATV will have to work to keep plowing forward. If the snow gets too deep and heavy, your ATV will stall or your vehicle will lose traction and you won’t be able to keep plowing.

Lifting the ATV Plow

To lift the plow and dump snow, you can either use an ATV winch, an electric plow lift, or a manual lift. The manual lift is best for occasional and light duty plowing. An ATV winch is the most versatile option, since you can use the winch for offroad recovery during the warmer months.

An electric lift is another option. This type of lift is specifically designed to lift a plow. It typically includes built-in switches to prevent lifting the plow too high and prevent creeping due to plow weight.

Plowing Deep, Heavy Snow

For wet, heavy, or deep snow, you might want to clear a path in two passes. First, raise the skids so that the wear bar is as high as it can go. Then plow the top half of the snow layer. When you’ve removed the top layer, lower the skids and plow the bottom half.

If you know there’s a big snowstorm coming, plow the driveway during the storm when the snow gets deep enough to plow but not too deep that you get stuck. Then plow again after the storm has ended.

Plowing Surfaces

If you’re plowing a surface that is uneven or scratches easily, such as decorative paving stones or soft asphalt, you may want to raise the skids slightly to avoid scraping the surface. The wear bar should hover just above the surface that you’re plowing.

ATV Plows for Polaris, Yamaha, and Honda

Need an ATV plow for your Polaris, Yamaha, Honda, Arctic Cat, John Deere, or other ATV model? We’ve got what you need. Get your ATV plow kit before it snows! Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 U.S.