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ProMark Offroad Blog

ATV Eagle Plow Country Style Now at ProMark Offroad

Eagle ATV plow

Eagle ATV Plow - Country Style

We’ve added a new Eagle snow plow blade to our line of ATV plows. The 50-inch wide Country Style ATV Plow Blade is designed primarily for the Eagle ATV front and original systems. Tall on one end and short on the other, this plow blade is designed to push more snow without letting the snow spill over the top of the blade.

Eagle recommends the Country Style Plow for long driveways and places where you need to push snow further. The blade is constructed with 12 gauge steel and powder coated for long life. Steel skids with rubber bushings, heavy duty wear bars, and a top side rubber flap are included. Proudly made in the USA!

Get it now and your orders ships free (lower 48 U.S.)!


  • 50″ Length
  • 27″ Height (23″ on short side)
  • 12 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • 7 Gauge Steel Skids
  • Heavy Duty Wear Bar
  • Top Side Rubber Flap
  • Black Color
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufacturer Part Number 2915

Pickup Truck Pulls Toyota Out of Ditch with ProMark Recovery Winch

With the dusting of snow this morning in central Minnesota, the roads are a little slippery out there. So even if we’re not the ones in the ditch, we’re always grateful to hear about the Good Samaritans who are willing to pull us out—like this ProMark winch owner and his trusty pickup truck. Recovery winches come in handy for more than just offroading!

Superwinch ATV and Recovery Winches Now at ProMark

Superwinch ATV winch

Superwinch Terra Series ATV winch

Superwinch ATV and recovery winches are now available at ProMark Offroad! Superwinch is a well-respected brand in the offroad industry. Besides offroad recovery, their winches are used in a wide variety of applications, from commercial and industrial use to trucking and large machinery operation.

ATV Winches

Superwinch ATV winches available at include the LT Series and the Terra Series. Synthetic winch rope packages are available on the Terra Series for offroaders concerned with safety and ease of use.

Truck, 4×4 and Jeep Recovery Winches


Superwinch Talon Series Recovery Winch

Superwinch recovery winches available at ProMark include the LP Series and the high-powered Talon Series. The LP Series winches are designed for entry-level buyers and come with a powerful series wound motor and weather-sealed solenoid. The Talon Series is fully sealed for waterproof performance and resists overheating with a heat sink-styled motor cap.

Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 U.S.!

Mile Marker Winches Now Available at

Mile Marker ATV winch

Mile Marker ATV winch

ProMark Offroad is now carrying Mile Marker ATV and recovery winches. Mile Marker is well respected in the offroad and automotive industries. They are also an approved supplier for the US military, and their hydraulic winches are one of the best known in the market.

ATV Winches

Mile Marker ATV winches are available with steel or synthetic cable. The synthetic rope makes winching safer, as well as easier on your hands. 2500 lb and 3500 lb winch models are available from ProMark, each with a redesigned braking system and top-of-the-line winching speeds.

Recovery Winches

Mile Marker recovery winch

Mile Marker recovery winch

Mile Marker recovery winches are available from ProMark in 8000, 9500, and 12,000 pound models. The series wound motor offers rugged power and works longer without burning out. A remote control switch is included with these recovery winch packages for more convenient winching.

ProMark Now Offering Recovery Winch with Synthetic Rope

Midnight recovery winch with synthetic rope

Midnight recovery winch with synthetic rope

Looking for a recovery winch line that’s safer and easier to handle? Take a look at the new Midnight Series recovery winches with a synthetic rope package.

While most truck and Jeep winches sold on the market require you to purchase and install synthetic rope in place of the pre-installed steel cable, ProMark Offroad saves you the added expense of buying a synthetic rope and aluminum hawse separately. The Midnight Series recovery winch synthetic rope package comes with pre-loaded synthetic rope and an aluminum hawse instead of steel rollers.

Synthetic winch line is lighter than steel cable, floats in water, won’t rip up your hands with barbs or stray wires, won’t freeze or burn your hands, and won’t snap back violently if it breaks. Want to give it a try? Find out more about ProMark’s new Midnight Series winch with synthetic rope.

Available in the following winch models:

  • 8000 lb winch
  • 9,500 lb winch
  • 10,000 lb winch
  • 12,000 lb winch

ProMark Outback Winches Now Available with Synthetic Rope

Outback synthetic winch

Outback winch with synthetic rope

The popular Outback Series winches are now available with a synthetic rope package. This package includes an aluminum hawse fairlead and ProMark Blue synthetic rope, pre-installed on the winch.

The Outback Series 12-volt electric winch is designed for large ATVs and side by sides. The heavy duty motor is waterproof for reliable performance in wet or muddy conditions. All metal gears keep your winch running smoothly for years of use. This winch package also comes with a 10-foot corded remote for convenience and safety.

The 3500 lb, 4000 lb, and 4500 lb Outback winches include the following:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • ProMark Blue Synthetic Winch Line
  • Waterproof Motor
  • 4-Post Contactor
  • Handlebar Thumb Switch
  • Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
  • Spring Hook and Pull Strap
  • Rubber Line Stopper
  • Bonus 10′ Corded Remote

ProMark Synthetic Winch Rope Featured in Four Wheeler Magazine

Look for ProMark Offroad’s synthetic rope for recovery winches featured in the July 2011 edition of Four Wheeler magazine!

The 92-foot ProMark Blue Synthetic Rope is safer, lighter, and up to 15 times stronger than traditional wire cable. Tired of dealing with burrs, kinks, and permanently coiled wire? Synthetic rope is easy on your hands and flexible for better handling. Unlike steel cable, it will not recoil violently if broken. ProMark synthetic winch rope is UV-coated for long life, easily spliced, and floats in water.

For more information, see the product page for the ProMark Blue 92′ Synthetic Rope.

Four Wheeler magazine

Check out ProMark's feature in Four Wheeler Magazine!

ProMark Introduces 9500 lb Recovery Winch for Jeep, Truck, Toyota, and 4×4 Owners

9500 winch

New! 9500 lb Midnight and Silverback Series winches

You asked for it. You got it. The 9500 lb recovery winch by ProMark Offroad is now available at the request of Jeep, Toyota, truck, and 4×4 owners. We’ve expanded our line of Midnight and Silverback Series recovery winches to include the 9500 lb weight class in response to customer demand. ProMark’s purpose in adding a 9500 lb winch to their product line is to fill a gap in the market segment and provide our loyal customers with what they have been asking for.

The Midnight Series 9500 winch package, priced at $349.99, is designed to meet the needs of Jeep, Toyota, truck, and 4×4 owners with a high performance winch motor and sealed components for all-weather protection. This 12v winch package includes a multi-directional roller fairlead, heavy duty contactor, spring hook and pull strap, all wiring and hardware, and a standard corded remote with power in and power out functions.

The Silverback Series 9500 winch package, priced at $409.99, offers safety and convenience with the included wireless remote control. The Silverback Series is built for performance with a 5.6 hp waterproof motor and sealed contactor. This 12v winch package includes a multi-directional roller fairlead, heavy duty sealed contactor, spring hook and pull strap, all wiring and hardware, and both a corded remote and wireless remote with power in and power out functions.

All ProMark Offroad winches ship free to the lower 48 United States. Technical support is available for installation and use.

$99 Winch Sale! ProMark 3000 lb ATV Winch Trail Series

3000 lb winch

Sale! 3000 lb ATV winch

The ProMark 3000 lb Trail Series ATV winch is now on sale for only $99! The Trail Series features a power-packed 1.2 hp motor and all metal gears for long life and rugged use. This 3000 lb winch comes with a full package of accessories: 45 feet of aircraft-grade steel cable, a sealed quick-connect contactor, handlebar thumb switch, roller fairlead, spring hook and pull strap, all necessary wiring, and a rubber line stopper. The motor is waterproof for all-weather riding.

Want to know what other customers think of the 3000 lb Trail winch? Here’s a review by a customer who uses his winch while hunting:

“I had to winch myself out of trouble four times today while moving tree stands. The winch worked perfectly even while being submerged in water three of the four times. (Last year I broke a different company’s winch in the same place.) The winch is very easy to install and I have no complaints.”

To learn more, visit the 3000 lb Trail Series ATV winch product page.

Winch Sale on the 8000 lb Midnight Recovery Winch

Midnight Series Winch


UPDATE: Offer has ended.

8K Midnight Winch

8000 lb Midnight Winch

The 8000 lb Midnight Recovery Winch is now on sale for only $299! This heavy duty electric winch is built tough for Jeeps, trucks, SUVs, and other offroad vehicles. The high performance 5.5 hp series wound motor is designed to get you out of the toughest situations, every time.

A complete winch accessory kit is included with the Midnight Series: 80 feet of steel cable, black frame multi-directional roller fairlead, heavy duty contactor, spring hook and pull strap, 12′ corded remote with power in and power out functions, and all wiring and hardware.

This sale is available for a limited time only. Get your 8K Midnight recovery winch now!