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ProMark Offroad Blog

ATV Forum Reviews on the ProMark ATV Winch

Winching out

Winching out a UTV

When our noses start to itch, we know people are talking about us on the forums. Here are just a few tidbits of what we’ve been hearing lately:

From the Forum:

“Does anybody have any knowledge of these winches? They used to be Gorilla Winches. They look good and have a real good price. Just trying to find some folks that have used them.”

“I’ve got a Gorilla winch on my Rhino and have NOT had trouble with it. It seems to be very sturdy built. I don’t use it a lot or very hard but it has done me a good job so far. I feel they are definitely worth the price.”
– “Gdawg”

“I have used the ProMark Outback 4500 pound winch a few times and it works great. It is very smooth and powerful. I used the plug in rocker switch as well. I would give it a strong look.”
– Don


2500 lb winch with synthetic rope

2500 lb winch with synthetic rope

“Anyone ever use a ProMark winch?”
– “kybagger” from Kentucky

“Hey kybagger, I have a ProMark 2500 winch with synthetic rope and I love it; I’ve pulled a few of my friends out of mud and snow and it will actually pull my sporty 500 if I’m not careful. For the price I paid I think it’s worth it even if it lasts a few years. But it’s got plenty of power and runs pretty flawlessly.

Good luck with your purchase.”
– “LiftedxChevy” from Massachusetts


“I have a 2010 Rancher 4x4es and was wondering what everybody thinks of these winches [ProMark 2000 lb XT Series]. Thinking about putting 1 of these on.”
– “FordTech90” from Louisiana

“I have a 3000# Gorilla and it will out pull the Warn all day long. You sure can tell the power difference! I did not care for the synthetic line at all so went with steel. The only reason mine broke is due to how I mounted it. I used a winch plate made for a Superwinch, which by the way is total junk. They use a 2 bolt mount and the Gorilla has the same as a Warn! 4 bolt—anywho I modified the plate to work but the two back bolts pulled out of the plate (long story) and caused the cable to wrap around the outside of the spool. But they worked with me every step of the way and gave me free parts to fix it even when it was my screw up! They also told me I could send it to them and they fix it for me and only pay shipping if I chose. Don’t believe everything you read other than me. It has been a great winch and I would be willing to buy another one—heck a 3000# is only $100 on eBay…you can’t touch a Warn for that!”
– “Votaguy” from Texas