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ProMark Offroad Blog

ProMark Offroad Winch Product Reviews

See what some of our customers have to say about our ATV and truck/Jeep products, including ATV winches, synthetic rope for truck winches, and the 20K snatch block.

Cinching down the rear suspension

Cinching down the rear suspension

3000 lb XTR Winch with Synthetic Cable

“Wife got me a ProMark winch. Love it, easy to install – great instructions. Used it and found it quiet and able to pull my Honda 500 out of my favorite mud hole. Would recommend product – heard great things about this winch…”
– D. H.

3000 lb ATV Winch

“Here are some older pictures of my Toyota based truggy [see right]. I have a 3000# Gorilla ATV winch that I use to cinch down the rear suspension during steep descents or off camber situations. Love this winch – it’s been working flawlessly for me for the past 4 years!!!
– Peter B.

4000 lb XT Winch

“One of the best winches I have ever owned and it has plenty of power to spare… Might be designed for a UTV/ATV but it can move a truck that is stuck with the right hardware and not even break a sweat. I have mine mounted on the rear of an Arctic Cat 700 EFI. It gets muddy, wet and covered with gunk – I know I should treat it better – I do bathe it with a power washer each time. I have yet to have a problem with it dealing with water or wet winch.

Peter's Toyota with 3000 lb winch

Peter's Toyota with 3000 lb winch

A Well Worth having, Great Product!!!”
– Tim M.

ProMark Blue Synthetic Winch Rope

“Excellent product. I already installed in my 4×4 truck and is very resistant. The item was delivered the same day that it was purchased and was received on time.”
– E. R. Torres

20K Snatch Block

“I bought a pair of these to augment my existing snatch block for reverse-pull capability from my CJ’s front-mounted hydraulic winch. This snatch block is *beefy* weighing in at nearly 7 pounds of thick plate steel. The pulley axle even has a zerk fitting, something missing on my $50+ brand-name block. It is held together with snap rings instead of a hair pin cotter, so it’s not quickly disassembled like some others out there, but for the price you can afford to buy several of them and greatly expand your winching capability.
– “Cowlick” (Georgia)

“Fast shipping. Finally a ‘REAL’ heavy duty snatch block. Just what I’ve been looking for. Thank You.”
– R. Dunn

ProMark Winch Performs to the Extreme

How well do ProMark winches work in extreme situations? One of our customers, Tim Mayville, took his 4000 lb XT winch to the extreme by pulling out a Chevy Blazer buried in mud. His reaction to the ATV winch’s performance? “Really strong winch!!!”

Here is more of what Tim had to say about his dual winch and wireless setup:

“I am making some changes to my setup… Using the rear setup a lot more.

The rear of my Arctic Cat ATV (ProMark 4000 XT) gets a good workout from time to time.

I have a set of pictures here of me pulling a car out of a mud hole… a Chevy Blazer.

My ATV has pretty good traction but, we had to use block and strap around a tree to get enough support as well as back my ATV into another tree… The 4000 XT pulled the vehicle up no problem – I feared it would break the cable so, we just raised it enough for us to keep putting logs under it so it would empty the water out of the cab of the SUV, which was full of water.

Took a little while, letting the battery and all rest, but we got the guy out.

Really strong winch!!!”

Blazer stuck

Chevy Blazer stuck in a mud hole

Blazer ready to be winched out by an Arctic Cat 700

Blazer ready to be winched out by an Arctic Cat 700

ProMark 4000 XT winch hooked up to the Blazer

ProMark 4000 XT winch hooked up to the Blazer

Blazer winched out by a 4000 lb XT winch on an Arctic Cat ATV

Blazer winched out by a 4000 lb XT winch on an Arctic Cat ATV

Tim also sent these pictures of his Arctic Cat 700, just for fun:

Arctic Cat 700 with dual ProMark winches and wireless setup

Arctic Cat 700 with dual ProMark winches and wireless setup

Riding through a mud hole with the Arctic Cat 700

Riding through a mud hole with the Arctic Cat 700

Enough work for one day. Time to play around!

Enough work for one day. Time to play around!

Installing a ProMark ATV Winch on a Honda Rancher 4×4

Tim, one of our ProMark Offroad customers, uploaded a video on YouTube demonstrating how to install a ProMark ATV winch on a Honda Rancher 4×4. This quick demo video covers mounting plate installation, wiring, and winch setup. The winch featured is a 4000 lb XT Series ATV / UTV winch from ProMark Offroad.

Sale on ProMark 4000 lb XT Winch

Sale on ProMark 4000 XT Series Winch


UPDATE: Offer has ended.

For one week only, ProMark is offering the 4000 pound XT Series winch for only $199!

The 4000 lb XT Series winch is designed for UTVs and large-bore ATVs. It’s great for utility quads, yard and farm work, landscaping projects, and off road recovery. With a fully sealed waterproof motor and 1.2 horsepower, this heavy duty winch can handle just about anything you throw its way.

The popular XT Series packs a ton of pulling power into a small enough winch body to fit most ATVs and UTVs. The all metal gears are tough enough to survive rugged conditions, and the winch body includes a full metal casing on both the motor and gear side.

The 4000 lb XT winch comes with a complete package of accessories:

  • 45 feet of Aircraft-Grade Steel Cable
  • 4-Post Contactor
  • Handlebar Thumb Switch
  • Roller Fairlead
  • Spring Hook and Pull Strap
  • Rubber Line Stopper
  • 10′ Corded Remote

Don’t forget! All ProMark winches come with a limited lifetime warranty and free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 states.

This offer won’t last long, so get your 4000 lb ProMark winch today! Offer expires Wednesday, August 11, 2010.