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ProMark Offroad Blog

Synthetic Rope for Jeep Winches

Jeep winch with synthetic rope

Synthetic rope is lighter and safer than steel cable.

If you’ve ever had a wire cable snap back while operating your Jeep winch, you know how dangerous a situation like that can be. With proper maintenance and handling, a wire winch rope should be tough enough to hold up under normal winching operations. If you’d rather stay on the safe side, however, you might want to consider choosing a synthetic rope for your Jeep winch.

Why synthetic rope?

One of the biggest reasons to choose synthetic winch rope is the safety factor. Unlike wire cable, which lashes back if it breaks, synthetic rope doesn’t store as much kinetic energy, so if you break a synthetic rope, it won’t backlash violently.

If you wheel offroad with your wife and kids, you know how important it is to stay safe. A synthetic winch rope will give you less to worry about.

A matter of weight

Jeep winches are heavy. Wire cable makes them even heavier. Synthetic rope, on the other hand, is much lighter. If you want to cut down on the weight hanging off the front of your Jeep, choose synthetic rope instead of wire cable.

Get rid of kinks and burrs

Ever sliced your thumb open from a burr on a wire cable? You know how sharp they can be. It takes a thick pair of leather gloves to protect your hands from stray wires and burrs. Synthetic rope is much easier on your hands. It’s also less likely to kink or get knotted up (which wire cable is notorious for).

Floats in water

If you’ve ever gotten stuck in a river or mud hole filled with water, you’ll appreciate the fact that synthetic winch rope floats in water. It’s easier to handle and easier to find again in case you drop it in the water.

Synthetic Winch Rope for Jeep Winches

If you want a safe, lightweight cable option for your winch, choose synthetic rope. Our Jeep winches from Superwinch and ProMark are available with synthetic winch rope pre-installed. Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 U.S.!

Jeep Bumpers and Winch Mounts

Jeep winch mount bumper

Get your Jeep ready for the backcountry with a winch mount bumper.

A plastic stock bumper just isn’t going to cut it when you’re wheeling with your Jeep in the backcountry. One of the first upgrades for an offroad Jeep owner is to install a new bumper—both for looks and for the extra protection it provides for your grill and radiator.

Types of Jeep Bumpers

Unlike a plastic factory bumper, which is only designed for highway driving, an offroad Jeep bumper lets you take your Jeep through narrow forest trails, over boulders, and through creek crossings without scratching up your paint or damaging the body, grill, or radiator. Stray branches, scraping up against rocks, or maneuvering uneven ground at a sharp angle are no match for a well-built Jeep bumper.

Offroad Jeep bumpers come in various styles and sizes. Some are mostly for their rugged looks. Others are designed for more practical purposes, such as doubling as a winch mount or protecting the front of your Jeep from damage. The best Jeep bumpers are both rugged enough to protect your vehicle and designed to fit your personal tastes in style.

Choosing a Jeep Bumper

Make sure you choose the right Jeep bumper for your vehicle. Most Jeep bumpers are designed to fit a specific type of vehicle. Check the fit guide for models and years to make sure the bumper will fit your Jeep.

You’ll also want to take into account the size of the bumper. Make sure it doesn’t stick out too far (which can limit your approach angle) or interfere with other vehicle modifications (such as offroad lights). If you already have a Jeep winch mounted on your vehicle, you’ll want to make sure the bumper will work with your recovery winch as well.

Jeep Winch Bumpers

If you don’t already have a Jeep winch, you might want to consider choosing a Jeep winch bumper that lets you install a recovery winch as part of the bumper. If you get stuck in the mud or rocks, a Jeep winch will get you out a lot faster (and cheaper) than a tow truck or a shovel.

Jeep Wrangler Winch Mount Bumpers

Need a front bumper winch mount for your Jeep Wrangler YJ, TJ, or CJ? Check out our selection of Jeep bumpers and Jeep winch mounts. Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 U.S.

Jeep Accessories: Which One Should You Get First?

Jeep winch for recovery

Which Jeep accessories should you get first?

For most offroaders, getting a Jeep or rig is just the beginning. Then comes the weekend projects to make your Jeep the biggest, baddest one around.

But if you’ve got a budget (or a wife), you’re going to have to plan your projects as you can afford them. Here are a few tips on which Jeep accessories are the most important.

Your #1 Priority: Get Unstuck

According to Bill Burke, the respected backcountry trainer and guide for 4-Wheeling America, “Which aftermarket accessories should I install first?” is a common question from offroaders new to the sport.

While you might get more excited about lockers, a Hi-lift jack, or bigger tires, Burke recommends getting a winch first. As he wisely puts it, “The winch will always get you out, the other things will always get you stuck.”

The bigger your tires and engine, the more likely you are to take risks and get yourself stuck. A recovery winch on your Jeep will get you back on the trail with the least hassle. Plus you can get your Jeep out whether or not you’re riding with other rigs. With a snatch strap, you need a buddy to get you out.

Recovery Accessories

After a recovery winch, lockers often make the most sense as a second investment, if you want more ways to get out of trouble. Lockers will save you from using your winch in situations that are easier to get out of.

Along with your recovery winch, you’ll need a few accessories to help you make the most of your winch. Having a few winch tools on hand—such as a tree strap, D-shackle, and snatch block—will allow you to do more than a basic straight-line pull. Knowing how to rig up a snatch block lets you almost double the power of your winch for tough recovery jobs.

Other recovery accessories like a Hi-Lift jack and a winch anchor (like the Pull-Pal) give you a few more options for getting out of a bind.

Other Jeep Accessories

A good-looking Jeep isn’t worth much if it’s stuck in a mud pit. After you make sure you can get your Jeep out when you’re stuck, you can eat your heart out with other modifications: bigger tires, better suspension, bumper guards, fenders, lift kits, and lights. Just don’t blame us if the wife makes you sleep in the dog house.

Jeep Spare Tire Trash Bag

Spare tire trash bag

Use a spare tire trash bag to make more room in your Jeep.

Every Jeep lover is familiar with the old adage, “Pack it in, pack it out.” No doubt if you wheel in the backcountry, you have a healthy respect for nature. No one wants to travel miles off the beaten path just to find plastic bottles and fast food wrappers littering the view.

A Jeep trash bag makes it easier to find space for your trash without cluttering up the inside of your Jeep. Just strap it to your spare tire or tailgate, line it with a 30 gallon trash bag, and you’re ready to go.

Why not just use a plastic trash bag?

Whatever you take with you on the trail needs to be able to handle a little abuse. Plastic trash bags rip easily, flop around, and the drawstrings can get all twisted up, making it difficult to open the bag.

The Jeep Trail Bag from ProMark is constructed with heavy duty 1000 denier poly, designed to handle whatever nature throws at it. It’s durable enough to scrape on rocks, tree branches, and other obstacles without ripping a hole in the bag.

What can you use a spare tire trash bag for?

It’s useful for more than just garbage. Use it for camping, hunting, fishing, storing muddy or wet gear, trail cleanup days, and even keeping the dirty diaper smell out of your Jeep. Whatever you don’t want inside your rig, throw it in the trail bag.

New! ProMark Offroad Trail Bag

Off road trash bag

This off road trash and storage bag gives you more room in your rig.

New at ProMark Offroad! The ProMark Trail Bag is just what you need to carry your extra gear, camping equipment, parts, trash, and just about anything else you want to bring along “just in case.”

No space left in your rig? Don’t want things rattling around on the floorboards? Sick of smelling trash? No problem. Just throw it in the trail bag on the outside of your rig. This bag is plenty big enough for trash and equipment. Plus, it’s waterproof to protect your gear and keep trash from leaking.

The ProMark Trail Bag attaches to the spare tire, tailgate, or vehicle rack. It’s made from heavy duty 1000 denier poly with PVC backing that’s tough enough to hold up under rugged conditions. Nylon security straps and click-fit buckles hold the bag in place, and a lockable strap with grommet allows you to secure the bag to your vehicle with a cable lock.

Get your Trail Bag now for only $44.99, with free shipping to the lower 48 United States!


  • 24″ Tall x 7″ Deep x 17″ Wide
  • 1000 Denier Poly with PVC Backing
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy Duty Zipper Closure
  • Nylon Security Straps and Click Fit Buckles
  • Includes a Lockable Strap with Grommet (Lock not included. Compatible with ProMark cable lock)
  • Mesh Front Pocket