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Jeep Spare Tire Trash Bag

Spare tire trash bag

Use a spare tire trash bag to make more room in your Jeep.

Every Jeep lover is familiar with the old adage, “Pack it in, pack it out.” No doubt if you wheel in the backcountry, you have a healthy respect for nature. No one wants to travel miles off the beaten path just to find plastic bottles and fast food wrappers littering the view.

A Jeep trash bag makes it easier to find space for your trash without cluttering up the inside of your Jeep. Just strap it to your spare tire or tailgate, line it with a 30 gallon trash bag, and you’re ready to go.

Why not just use a plastic trash bag?

Whatever you take with you on the trail needs to be able to handle a little abuse. Plastic trash bags rip easily, flop around, and the drawstrings can get all twisted up, making it difficult to open the bag.

The Jeep Trail Bag from ProMark is constructed with heavy duty 1000 denier poly, designed to handle whatever nature throws at it. It’s durable enough to scrape on rocks, tree branches, and other obstacles without ripping a hole in the bag.

What can you use a spare tire trash bag for?

It’s useful for more than just garbage. Use it for camping, hunting, fishing, storing muddy or wet gear, trail cleanup days, and even keeping the dirty diaper smell out of your Jeep. Whatever you don’t want inside your rig, throw it in the trail bag.

New! ProMark Offroad Trail Bag

Off road trash bag

This off road trash and storage bag gives you more room in your rig.

New at ProMark Offroad! The ProMark Trail Bag is just what you need to carry your extra gear, camping equipment, parts, trash, and just about anything else you want to bring along “just in case.”

No space left in your rig? Don’t want things rattling around on the floorboards? Sick of smelling trash? No problem. Just throw it in the trail bag on the outside of your rig. This bag is plenty big enough for trash and equipment. Plus, it’s waterproof to protect your gear and keep trash from leaking.

The ProMark Trail Bag attaches to the spare tire, tailgate, or vehicle rack. It’s made from heavy duty 1000 denier poly with PVC backing that’s tough enough to hold up under rugged conditions. Nylon security straps and click-fit buckles hold the bag in place, and a lockable strap with grommet allows you to secure the bag to your vehicle with a cable lock.

Get your Trail Bag now for only $44.99, with free shipping to the lower 48 United States!


  • 24″ Tall x 7″ Deep x 17″ Wide
  • 1000 Denier Poly with PVC Backing
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy Duty Zipper Closure
  • Nylon Security Straps and Click Fit Buckles
  • Includes a Lockable Strap with Grommet (Lock not included. Compatible with ProMark cable lock)
  • Mesh Front Pocket