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ProMark Offroad Blog

What’s a Superwinch?


When you’re out offroading, getting stuck comes with the terrain. It’s not something you fear, but something you embrace. Some have discovered that the appreciation for getting stuck comes from the safety and security of a Superwinch. Superwinch makes some of the greatest winches for offroad enthusiasts. Having a Superwinch will dramatically increase your enjoyment and create a security net for you and your passengers.


Superwinch Talon 12.5 Recovery Winch 12,500lb


The power that a Superwinch has is unparalleled. With a towing capacity of 12,500 pounds, this winch can get you out of any mess that you may encounter. Mud, a trench, or other hazardous terrain is no match for the tow of a Superwinch recovery winch. With electronic retraction, you can be sure you will get a strong and steady pull. An electronic reel allows you to keep your hands free from your winched vehicle and control it remotely. Consider using a pulley block to shore up your line. This can almost double the capacity of your winch.


You might think that synthetic rope is not suitable for the capacity of the Superwinch. Believe it or not, synthetic lines are probably the best thing to happen to the winch industry. Synthetic lines can be much stronger and less harmful to handle. Superwinch tow lines are synthetic and rated to meet industry standards. You won’t have to worry about a broken line.


Although the concern can be taken off the rope, the winch drum can be a problem. The stress and tension of a synthetic line places undue stress on the drum, causing most to fail in initial trials. Because of this, Superwinch recovery winches are engineered with synthetic-ready drums to handle the stress of the line. This drum will also work with steel lines as well.


Looking to avoid getting stuck between a rock and a hard place? ProMark offers Superwinch ATV and recovery winches. Superwinch is a well-respected brand in the offroad industry. Besides offroad recovery, their winches are used in a wide variety of applications, from commercial and industrial use to trucking and large machinery operation. Free shipping to the lower 48 states.

New Mile Marker and Superwinch Winches at ProMark Offroad

Superwinch Tiger Shark Winch

New at ProMark! 17,500 lb Superwinch Tiger Shark Winch

Power up your ride with the new Superwinch and Mile Marker winches available at ProMark Offroad! We’ve added several new Superwinch and Mile Marker winch models to our lineup, including trailer winches, utility winches, and heavy duty recovery winches.

Both Mile Marker and Superwinch are well-respected brands in the off road and racing industry. If you need a winch to get the job done, they’ve got it for you.

New Winches from Superwinch

Superwinch Tiger Shark Recovery Winches – These workhorse 12V winches will turn your truck, SUV, or 4×4 into a powerful machine for recovery, logging, and plowing. Comes with a roller fairlead, steel cable, mechanical brake, and 12′ remote. 2 Year Warranty. Available in 9500lb, 11,500lb, 13,500lb, 15,500lb, and 17500lb models.

Superwinch “S” Series Trailer Winches – Perhaps the most well known trailer winches in the racing world are the “S” Series by Superwinch. They are designed specifically for trailer use and come with a roller fairlead and 30′ corded remote. Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. Available in S4000 lb, S4000 SR (synthetic), and S5000 models.

Superwinch UT3000 Utility Winch – Get the job done with a versatile 3000lb Utility Winch from Superwinch. Comes with a pull knob freespool, 12′ corded remote, and roller fairlead. 1 Year Warranty.

New Winches from Mile Marker

Mile Marker SEC 15 – No need to mess around when you’ve got a heavy duty 15,000lb Mile Marker Recovery Winch on your truck. This bad boy comes with a roller fairlead, steel cable, and corded remote. 2 Year Warranty.

Mile Marker PE4500 – The best use for this power-packed, large-body winch is on a trailer or hitch cradle mount. Comes with a mount plate, tow strap, and corded remote. 2 Year Warranty.

Superwinch ATV and Recovery Winches Now at ProMark

Superwinch ATV winch

Superwinch Terra Series ATV winch

Superwinch ATV and recovery winches are now available at ProMark Offroad! Superwinch is a well-respected brand in the offroad industry. Besides offroad recovery, their winches are used in a wide variety of applications, from commercial and industrial use to trucking and large machinery operation.

ATV Winches

Superwinch ATV winches available at include the LT Series and the Terra Series. Synthetic winch rope packages are available on the Terra Series for offroaders concerned with safety and ease of use.

Truck, 4×4 and Jeep Recovery Winches


Superwinch Talon Series Recovery Winch

Superwinch recovery winches available at ProMark include the LP Series and the high-powered Talon Series. The LP Series winches are designed for entry-level buyers and come with a powerful series wound motor and weather-sealed solenoid. The Talon Series is fully sealed for waterproof performance and resists overheating with a heat sink-styled motor cap.

Free shipping on all orders to the lower 48 U.S.!