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ProMark Offroad Blog

Do I Need a Winch Cover?

Winch cover

A winch cover keeps rain, dirt, and grime out of your winch.

Constant exposure to the elements can break down your winch line prematurely and allow abrasive grime, sand, and dirt into your winch’s gears and other moving parts. To make your winch and cable last as long as possible, use a winch cover when you are not using the winch.

For Synthetic Rope

If you run synthetic line on your winch, a cover can slow down the fading. Even with UV inhibitors, exposure to the sun will eventually fade the color on your rope. Synthetic line is designed to withstand harsh exposure to the elements, since it was originally developed for marine use, but it will last longer (and look better) if you keep it covered.

For Steel Cable

If you run steel cable, a winch cover keeps out abrasive substances and protects against rain, UV rays, and other elements. Mud, dirt, road grime, salt, sand, and ice can get into your winch gears and other winch parts and act like sandpaper, keeping your winch from running smoothly and possibly causing damage.

Even with a winch cover, it’s still important to use and maintain your winch properly if you want to get the most life out of it. There’s no substitute for taking good care of your winch with regular maintenance and cleaning.

ProMark Winches “Have Never Let Us Down”

Customer Testimonial from Monty C.


I received the winch accessory pack/winch cover. Thank you very much for everything that you helped me with. And I will enjoy the accessory pack. I’ll put the cover on the winch and send you a picture of my very muddy four wheeler with a clean winch cover! As I told you on the phone, we have been very satisfied with our Gorilla [now ProMark Offroad] Winches.

My brother and I inherited our family farm and it borders the Congaree River here in Calhoun County, St. Matthews, South Carolina. We have lot of swamp land and during the rainy times, we really depend on our four wheelers to travel in the swamp. And we do enjoy taking the scenic route through the mud!

The Gorilla [now ProMark Offroad] Winches have never let us down and we have, one time or another, had four or five four wheelers bogged down up to the seats and have winched each other out in a snap! I have used the winch to help move logs and debris and do all kinds of things. I am very happy with the winches that we have bought from Gorilla Winch [now ProMark Offroad]. Again, thank you for all of your help.

Monty C.
St. Matthews, South Carolina

ATV Winch Cover

ATV Winch Cover

Winch Covers for ATV and Truck Winches

Recovery Winch Cover

This recovery winch cover is made of waterproof, neoprene material.

What is one of the most inexpensive ways to protect your ATV or truck winch? A winch cover! It’s a cheap and easy way to make your winch last longer by shielding it from the elements.


Winch covers are good for several reasons, including the following:

  1. They keep your winch clean. The cleaner you can keep your winch, the less often you will need to wash and maintain it, and the better it will work over the long haul.
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  3. They keep your winch dry. A cover protects your winch from rain, snow, and moisture and keeps metal parts from rusting.
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  5. They protect your winch from damaging UV rays. The fibers in your rope or cable will weaken with constant exposure to the sun. A cover protects those fibers, making your rope last longer.
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  7. They keep out dirt, sand, mud, and debris. These elements can work their way into the mechanical parts and affect the operation of your winch.

The best type of winch cover material is neoprene. It is fully waterproof (also used in wetsuits) and fits snugly in place.

Free Neoprene Winch Cover – Limited Time Only!

Truck Winch Cover

Right now, you can get a free waterproof winch cover with the purchase of any Silverback Series Recovery Winch! The Silverback Series is one of our most popular winches for trucks, Jeeps, and 4x4s. With a waterproof motor and a handy wireless winch, you might even find yourself getting stuck just for the fun of it!

And now, for a limited time only, your Gorilla [now ProMark] Silverback winch comes with a free neoprene winch cover to protect your winch and keep it looking and working like new. $40 value! Offer good only while supplies last. Get yours now!

Gorilla [now ProMark Offroad] Silverback Series Winches

8000 lb truck winch + free neoprene winch cover
10,000 lb truck winch + free neoprene winch cover
12,000 lb truck winch + free neoprene winch cover

7 Ways to Prevent Winch Theft

Don’t let the thought of winch theft keep you up at night. Protect your winch from being stolen with one of these ideas.

Winch theft is a major concern for many winch owners, especially if you park your rig in the yard or leave it in the Wal-Mart parking lot for a few hours. You’ve invested a good chunk of change in your winch. Now how can you make sure it won’t get ripped off?

Here are 7 ways to prevent winch theft:

    Winch Cover

    Winch Cover

  1. Buy a winch lock or a security bolt lock. They prevent access to the bolt and can only be removed with a special key. Just make sure you don’t lose the key, in case you ever need to take your winch off!
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  3. Weld a section of C-Channel over the bolt heads to prevent access to the bolts.
  4. a
  5. Weld a cap over one or several of the bolts. If you ever need to remove your winch to repair or replace it, you’ll need to grind off the cap.
  6. a
  7. Weld the bolts and nuts together. Some have done this and it’s worked just fine; others claim that the extreme heat can weaken the bolts. So while it’s not the best option, it is an option. Most winch manufacturers advise against welding the bolts because it could compromise the strength of the bolts.
  8. a
  9. Secure the winch with a cable and lock. While it’s not the most secure option by far, it may be enough to discourage the casual thief looking for an easy target. At the very least, it slows down the thief and gives you a better chance of catching them in the act.
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  11. Use a winch cover. Sometimes the best way to keep your stuff from getting ripped off is to keep it out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind.
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  13. Take the winch off and put it back on only when you go offroading. Sound like too much work? That’s what I thought. But it’s an option. If you mount your winch with a receiver hitch mount instead of a permanent winch mount, this option sounds a little more realistic.

If you have a better way to protect your winch, let us know in the comments! (Click on the post title and scroll down to see the comments section).

ATV Covers Protect Your Quad

Protect your ATV, UTV, or side x side from damage caused by exposure to the elements.

Polaris ATV Cover

Polaris ATV Cover

Dirt, dust, snow, rain, and UV rays accelerate the damage and wear that your quad will be exposed to over the years. Keep your ATV looking and working like new for longer by eliminating these sources of damage with an ATV cover.


ATV covers are specially coated or sealed to repel water. A water-repellent coating allows water vapor to escape, whereas a waterproof seal can trap moisture, which can damage your vehicle. The breathable water-repellent coating prevents mildew naturally by allowing extra moisture to evaporate.

Another quality feature of quad covers is a venting system that allows free airflow and prevents the cover from lofting in strong winds. An elastic hem and grommets with tie downs also ensure that the cover stays snugly in place and make your ATV cover trailerable.

An ATV or UTV cover serves a double purpose by concealing your ride from prying eyes and discouraging the possibility of a stolen vehicle or stolen parts. A camo ATV cover will further disguise your vehicle, without cramping your style.

Another option to consider in protecting damage to your ATV is a winch cover. Winch covers prolong the life of your winch by keeping dirt, mud, and water out of your winch. A clean and dry winch will operate more smoothly and for a longer lifespan than a winch that is constantly exposed to mud, water, and other damaging elements out on the trail.


Gorilla Winches [now ProMark Offroad] offers universal ATV covers and UTV covers as well as model-specific covers for Suzuki, Polaris, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Kawasaki, Honda, and Can-Am/Bombardier.